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Earlier on my Facebook page, I asked you to choose a number, so you could receive a free tarot card reading. Scroll down the page, to find out what your number choice means for you.

Did you choose card number 1?  Card: The Fool

I sense some of you may have experienced some stressful and challenging times of late. If you relate to this, then then take heart, as this light hearted tarot card often predicts that life  will become much more fun, as you let go of some of the worries that may have weighed you down.

However, this card also issues a little warning to guard against making mistakes by being overly impulsive especially if it involves money! Do your research before making any big decisions or signing contracts.

Numbered zero – the Fool, indicates that your life could yet go in any direction – so there would seem to be in little point in making long-term concrete plans as fate will change them. So keep a flexible state of mind and be open to new ideas, and a bit of adventure. Don’t be afraid of the ‘unknown’.

Jobs that involve working in the public eye (especially travel, health or beauty related) often get offered to you when the Fool’s energy comes into your life.

If you are currently single, expect someone with a happy-go-lucky nature ,and who has travelled a lot (and may even lived overseas) to enter your life soon.


Did you choose card number 2?  Card: The Three of Cups

A card of celebrations– so what will you be celebrating soon? A friend or family member’s good news, or something much more personal to you.  As the next month unfolds you will happily find out. This is such a cheerful card to see in any reading – one of the brightest in the tarot deck really . It has a tremendous feel -good factor to it, and indicates that you are going to be feeling in a positive frame of mind about the way things are generally working out for you now. Various situations, and even people that you might have been having secret doubts about, now give you a greater sense of optimism too, so you have more faith in what the future holds.

I often see this card turn up before the birth of a child too, so you may be hearing of a baby to come into your circle of acquaintances. If you yourself have been trying to conceive, then take this card a lovely omen that you will fall pregnant soon.  It can also make an appearance before an impending engagement or marriage announcement.





Did you choose card number 3?  Card: Eight of Cups

Eight in numerology is a number of ‘fate’ and signifies an important happening about to take place. This tarot eight, therefore represents a turning point card.  The card shows us an image of a character walking away into the distance. Behind him he leaves eight golden cups – these cups represent what he has achieved to date with his life, but it is no longer making him happy so he leaves. So I have a sense that some stressful emotional situation you’ve experienced, may now be coming to an end.  As you go through next month  you become quite determined to bring this about.

It can often link to changes with work too – so if you are working, the job that you are currently undertaking may be changing, or you could be considering moving to another company/organisation. If this is so, the tarot is encouraging you to go ahead…you may have gone as far as you can where you are now.

I’m also sensing medical/hospital links around you so it’s important that you pay attention to your own health both physical and emotional, as your mind and body are very closely linked. If you are under pressure mentally it affects you physically too.

I quite often see the eight of cups appear in a reading too,  when there are thoughts/or discussions about of moving house, or actually setting the process in action. A new address could be beckoning for you in 2020.

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