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Up-dated August 30th, 2019

Earlier on Facebook page, I asked you to choose a lucky Buddha, so you could receive a prediction for the next few months . To bring you your messages, I’ve linked each Buddha to various oracle cards. I used a mixture of angel cards, energy oracle card and the more traditional tarot.

Scroll down the page now to find out what your number choice means for you.

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Did you choose Buddha 1? 

Here is your personal message using Energy Oracle Cards 

Door to Personal Healing & Happiness

This lovely healing card is a wonderful omen of positive change coming into your life, as you go through the next 30 days or so. A wonderful one to see if you’ve struggled emotionally in recent times.  The beautiful light filled door in the image, opens up to a lush, rainbow-lit spring scene filled with vibrant lotus flowers. It has a real feel good factor to it – as if all will be well in your world.

Whether you’re working on some inner healing, such as ‘starting again after negative relationship experiences, or dealing with emotional issues’ from your past, this is a truly inspiring card to see. It  shows you will continue to make progress to moving on emotionally, and finding a new more confident and ‘self-reliant’ ‘you’ as a result.

Also this is a good card to see if you are considering a change of work direction, as it also signals that your life is changing in so many different ways…and one of these could be a ‘new career’. This could be working with people, as your sensitive caring nature makes you a natural at this. Perhaps some kind of care work, or social work, or even working with children.

Some of you may have had issues with an ex-concerning money/children. Expect more co-operation with this, and if you are owed money this should start to be paid to you before autumn comes on.

All will be well – stay optimistic!



Did you choose Buddha 2? 

Here is your personal message using: Using Spiritual Angel cards: Debt paid off

This lovely card is a great one to see if money has been an issue in recent times, as it signals an impressive shift in your financial situation. It’s as if you have made the decision to be free of old debts, and the Universe has responded to your wish. You will be presented with opportunities to reduce any debts you owe, including new avenues of income, and inner guidance on non-essential spending. As you follow these leads, your financial situation will improve quickly.

I often see this vibrant card too, when someone is about to receive an unexpected windfall. I’m sensing this may be within the next four to six weeks. It’s not going to make you rich, but it will make you and your loved ones more comfortable financially.





Did you choose Buddha 3?  

Here is your personal message using: Tarot card Six of Wands

This is a simple and straight forward message for the month/s ahead. We all tend to have good periods and challenging periods in our lives, but over the next 30 days or so, you should expect to make the greatest progress you’ve experienced in some years.  Traditionally this card is also known as a card of ‘victory and battles won’ – so if you’ve had any problems with officialdom or people in authority, then they will be dealt with in your favour. You may also be adding your signature to an official document which signals a turning point in your life. This may be related to a property matter, i.e. a long awaited house move could soon be happening.

If you look at this card, you see a character riding along with a crowd cheering him on. There is a feeling he has done something that they consider ‘worthy of celebrating and cheering’ So this card for you will often indicate recognition too – so may indicate some kind of achievement/award for you. You will definitely get noticed when this card appears in a reading.

If you’ve just met someone new (romance) and wondering how it will go- this is a sign that this ‘could be the one’!

You will also being to feel more optimistic about life in general from this point onwards. But this is not to say that things should remain as they are. There is still the need to keep ‘changes coming’ to design the kind of life that will truly make you happy and fulfilled.

Some of you may be have been looking for a family member – maybe researching the past. If this be you. The answer is much closer to home than you think.


Did you choose Buddha Number 4?

Here is your personal message using: Tarot cards: Nine of Cups

This lovely card is traditionally known as a ‘wish’ card. So go ahead and make a wish! The Universe is working on your behalf to fulfil your dearest wish in the month ahead. So this is a great time for you to set your intentions . But remember, wishes also require ‘action’ on your part. The Universe always rewards those who do their part. Make a good wish and then go for it, confident that what you want is entirely possible. A good wish means a wish that is for your highest good and all those concerned.

This card will often appear just before a pregnancy is announced, so a wonderful one to see, if you are someone close is hoping to fall pregnant soon. It also traditionally has links to engagements and marriage. So again a nice omen for those of you who are keen to see a relationship develop further.

And if you are waiting for  some important news (perhaps health wise), take this card as a positive omen that when it arrives, you will immediately feel more relaxed.

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