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Earlier, I asked you on my Facebook page to chose one of three animals to receive a spiritual message.

Please scroll down the page to find your animal choice, i.e, Eagle, White Wolf, or Polar Bear.

White wolf:

In Native American, mythology’ ‘the wolf’, represents strength and courage. Also the creature is a symbol of freedom and wisdom, and so being drawn to ‘wolf energy’ suggests you are about to set off on a journey of self-discovery.

The Arctic wolf (white wolf,) has adapted to its harsh environment through the skills of persistence and strength. And so can suggest that you’ve been facing challenges in recent times that have tested your patience and affected you emotionally.

You can draw upon white wolf’s abilities to survive the Arctic. One of these abilities is resilience, and another is stamina. White wolf, can teach you how to tap into your highest potential, as you rise to meet and conquer any challenges that lie before you.

Wolves are sociable animals and rely on other pack members for support. Your family is therefore naturally important to you and no doubt you will do whatever you can to keep them happy. However, its energy,  also encourages you to reach out to others in your ‘pack’ for help, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

The wolf,  is also well-known for its uncanny instinctive behaviour; and therefore is a reminder to listen to your inner voice more. You will soon be faced with a decision, that will have a long term impact on your life.  It is therefore extra important at this time, to trust your instincts, just as the ‘wolf’ does in the wild.

Wolves,  are by nature, restless, creatures, forever, moving on.  Wolf’s energy suggest that you too have been feeling the ‘call for change’ in your life. It’s is time to take action to bring this about. Wolf’s energy can also indicate a change of home is likely.


The Eagle is a not only a beautiful bird, but it also can fly higher than all other birds. By being able to do so, it enjoys a view of its world that other birds can’t. Its energy has attracted you, as a wake up call that you have much more potential for success in life than you currently realise. You are underselling yourself.  It is now time to tap into this potential to ‘live the kind of life’ that you are truly capable of achieving.

The Native Americans,  associated the Eagle with vision, wisdom, and strength. The predatory spirit animal symbolizes taking responsibility for one’s own actions and therefore is a reminder to ke charge of your own life and be responsible for your own happiness. Do not let others decide for you or lead the way. It may be easier to ‘not rock the boat’ so to speak, but it will not bring you the contentment you seek.

Additionally in this culture, Eagles, ere very much associated with ‘visions’ and ‘spirit’ And so, Eagle’s energy  is an  indicator of your psychic abilities and ability to see ‘what has yet to come’. You may already be aware of this gift . You will  likely have had strong hunches and feelings, dreams that came true, etc. This is a gift you have been given to guide

All birds, including, the Eagle symbolize ‘the arrival of news’. And so is an excellent omen, if there is something that you have been waiting to hear about.  News will be here soon and it will be ‘good’.

Polar Bear:

The Polar Bear is a powerful animal, and its physical strength is legendary. If you’ve been feeling unwell for some time, either physically or emotionally, then Polar Bear’s energy is a sign from Spirit, that you will regain your good health soon.

This creature is also reminding you if there is something that you very much want, then it is necessary to patient.  Polar Bears can wait for hours just to catch the perfect prey – they are in no hurry. They can also swim for around 200 miles, and walk for another 15, just to follow its hunt. You may have to wait longer than you hoped, but in the end just like the Polar Bear, you will achieve what you set to ‘achieve’.

The Polar Bear is also a symbol ‘of re-birth. The beautiful creature hibernates for many months throughout the long Arctic winter. It is then ‘re-born’ each spring, as Mother Nature, gradually comes alive again. And so its energy,  is an omen that you will go through a period of reinventing your life. Everything in your world will change gradually over the winter months. Your appearance, your personal and working life, the way you think about things. Everything. Indeed, you may surprise those around you by just how much you do change.  And, as a result,  a new happier reinvigorated person, will emerge as winter gradually draws to a close.


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