Test your intuition

Earlier on my Facebook page, I asked you to test your intuition by choosing one of three number.

Scroll down the page to find out if the number you choose is correct and read your ‘free numerology’ prediction. Numerology, is an ancient art and is said to reveal your future by the vibration of the number.

Did you choose card number 56?

This card indicates a time when an important relationship in your life is going through a period of change.

This adjustment is necessary for the natural progression of the relationship, and the wisdom and experience gained will be of great benefit to all involved. So don’t try to resist it, acceptance is important.
Whether a child is leaving home for the first time; a partnership/friendship has ended; or a loved one, friend, co-worker, neighbour is going through a change, know that you and the other person is being guided and protected.

This card can also indicate a positive relationship change, such as a deepening of an existing relationship leading to commitment for example, a wedding or engagement.

It can also indicate the resolution of an ongoing problem or differences of opinion with a partner. If you’ve had a challenging relationship with an ex regarding a child/children, then you should find he/ahe is more co-operative and open to suggestion.

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