Tea Omens

tea cupWe Brits love our cuppa. I can’t get started in the mornings without drinking two cups first, and after that it’s probably one every hour!

So I was interested to read in one of my old fortune telling books, that there are various superstitions associated with our daily cuppa.

Here they are:

Dried tea-leaves from a used pot, were once scattered outside of a home, to protect it from harm and evil spirits.

It’s thought unlucky to stir with anything but a spoon, and to stir someone else’s tea with a spoon is said to stir trouble for them.

If the tea you make is unexpectedly weak, it means a friendship you hold dear is weakening. If it is unusually strong, a friendship is growing strong.

If you spill tea whilst making a cup, it forecast luck for the woman of the house

A single floating tea-leaf forecast a stranger would soon be at the door.

To inadvertently place two spoons in a saucer is a sign of marriage for the person using the saucer or twins to be born within the family. tea bubbles

I also have one tea omen that my dear old Gran passed to me, ‘if your cup of tea is bubbly’ ….money is coming your way, the more bubbles the more money. Lovely!

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