Which tarot cards say you are stressed?

‘Stress’ is something most of us experience in our lives on a daily basis.
But there can be a fine line between just feeling the ‘pressure’ and suffering from what is termed as  ‘stress’. We are talking about the kind of stress that makes it difficult for us to remain positive and cope with all our responsibilities. The kind of stress that makes it difficult to function effectively!
I find that tarot cards quickly reveal to me when someone is ‘stressed’. After all tarot is a like a mirror – it reflects the truth in our lives.
four of swordsSo which tarot cards can indicate ‘stress’?
It must be remembered that all tarot cards are multi-layered in meaning and the experienced tarot reader feels intuitively which meaning is appropriate for that particular reading. So just because I see these cards in some situations associated with stress, doesn’t mean that this meaning applies every time!
There are of course alternative meanings, but as expressed it is up to the tarot reader to decide which fits.
Four of Swords:
The image shows us a knight resting peacefully on a tomb. There is a sense of, stillness and calm. You could almost hear a pin drop couldn’t you, if you were present. The tarot are saying to you, this is what you need to actively seek out in your life. If you can arrange some time to yourself just to be at ‘peace’ and preferable do ‘nothing at all’ even if it only for a few hours you will benefit for it.

I find this tarot card appears often in a tarot reading when the person having the reading has been going through a difficult time emotionally.

temperance tarot card

temperance tarot card

As the image shows us angel pouring water between two cups, it is about getting the right balance in our lives. You may have had a long period of strain or you could have been overdoing work and play, literally burning the candle at both ends.
It’s time to spend some quiet time in spiritual locations to regain a sense of perspective and still your mind.
two of pentaclesTwo of Pentacles
This image shows us a character juggling two pentacles (coins) He looks tense as if he is afraid he may drop one.
Is your life a bit of a juggling act? Have you taken too much on? Are you struggling to cope? This is one of the meaning of this busy card. It’s time to ease back off the throttle and delegate if possible. You are doing too much and it will catch up with you.
The Towerthe tower
This dramatic tarot card shows us two characters thrown from a tower as a bolt of lightning strikes. In terms of ‘stress’ this card would indicate that are close to a melt-down. The whole show is about to come tumbling down around you. To me the electric charge of the lightning, puts the focus on ‘frazzled nerves’. Does this apply to you?

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