Which tarot cards represent travel?

eight of wandsAll tarot cards are of course, multi-layered in meaning, but I find that certain cards turn up time and time again, when the person who is having the reading is set to ‘travel’

So which tarot cards are they?

The tarot knights: if you think of a knight what do you think of? A rider on horseback? So it’s logical that the restless tarot knights represent journeys both near and far.

To have more than one knight in your tarot spread may indicate a year ahead where you are likely to be on the road a lot, or making several trips away.

Eight of Wands: Eight wands fly through the air – there is a feeling of action and speed. My experience has taught me that this card usually represents ‘air travel’ and often it can be unexpected travel too, so watch out for a surprise journey!

Six of Swords: A boatman ferries two people across a still lake. Travel by water or a journey to a cold country is a strong possibility.

The Chariot: A charioteer drives two horses forward with determination. Movement and change. Travel and transport are all strongly associated with this energetic tarot card.

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