Tarot cards and the four seasons

Did you know that the Minor Arcana tarot cards can be used as a timing devize to represent the four seasons in a year?

four of wandsTarot readers may have different ideas as to which tarot suit might refer to which season and, like everything in Tarot, you will have to follow your own personal instincts on this. However, I’m offering the following ideas which are  purely personal based on years of experience.

Spring: Wands: The Wands cards are illustrated with sprouting branches, so what better symbol than ‘spring time’ when nature renews everything and buds begin to burst forth on trees once again.

Summer: Cups:  The idea of fruition, fullness, warmth, and joy which are associated with these cards link well with the hot lazy days of summer

Autumn: Pentacles: These cards have a feeling of wealth, resources, and preservation which seem to fit well with the abundance associated with ‘harvest’ time and the gathering in of crops

Winter: Swords: The qualities of sadness, loss, fear, pain and rejection which are associated with so many of these cards have a  feeling of the desolate coldness of winter about them

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