Which tarot books are best for beginners?

fortune tellingWhich tarot books are best to read if you are a beginner and keen to learn about the tarot?

Well if you have done a little research already you will have found that there are literally hundreds (and even thousands) of tarot books available on the market today. All easily acquired by logging onto book giant, Amazon. A quck click to the ‘buy now button’ and the tarot book can be downloaded to your Kindle in second,s or in the post that day winging its way to you.

When I was just starting out learning to read tarot cards over 30 years ago, the world was a very different place. Books were only available at local bookshops or the library.

But books on tarot and other occult subjects were few and far between. And living out in the sticks so to speak, they were impossible to get hold off. I could  find astrology books at my local library but nothing at all on tarot.

So I had to contact an occult specialist book seller in Leeds or London and ask for their book list so I could order a tarot book. The whole process could take up to a month to get the book you wanted. Hard to imagine these days the effort that one had to go to get a particular sought after book!

So what books did I start out with to learn my craft?

My first ever tarot book and one I still count as excellent for a beginning tarot reader is, ‘Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards’ by Sasha Fenton.  The book whilst over 30 years old is still relevant and contains valauble information that is sure to set you on the  right road to developing your tarot reading skills.

Sasha was a big name back in the 70s and early 80s, she was a well-known psychic/astrologer who wrote astrology columns for several national women’s magazine. The knowledge she shares in her books are from her many years of experience as a professional psychic tarot reader.

I still use some of the interpretations she suggested for the tarot cards even today.

I also purchased her follow up book ‘Super Tarot’. This is an excellent book also, that helps build on existing tarot skills and further your knowledge.

maddieAnother bookwhich impressed me back then was, ‘The Prediction Book of the Tarot’ by Madeline Montalban. This one is probably better consulted for those who are more experienced and want to get indepth insight into the mysteries of the tarot.

Madeline Montalban was someone who began her psychic career back in the 1920s and was an associate of many of the well-known occultists of the day. Her knowledge and insight of ‘tarot’ was impressiv,e and has given me many new thoughts and ideas on tarot card interpretations.

Over the years I lost thel book I had orginally owned, but was pleased to be able to re-aquire it on Amazon a few months ago, just for a couple of pounds. I’ve been happily re-reading it since.

So there you go, a few suggestions should you be looking for a few pointers as to what tarot books you should start out with. All may have been published many years ago, but they still contain extremely useful information.

Good luck with your tarot studies.



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