Simple magic spell to win the Lottery

Christmas, is fast approaching and most people could do with a bit  extra cash, so I’m sharing a ‘magic spell’ to ‘win the lottery’ from my own, Book of Shadows.

It may not make you a millionaire, but you  should certainly attract enough extra cash to make you more comfortable.

You will need:

A favourite pendant

Squares of paper, on which you will write all the numbers involved in the lottery draw that you are entering.

A bowl of salt.

Timing: Whenever you get the  buzz that says you ‘feel lucky’

The spell

  1. Place the squares of paper facedown on the table, and mix them so you don’t know where each number is placed. Once you are done mixing, places the squares in a circle, keeping them facedown.
  2. Sprinkle a circle of salt in a clockwise circle around the inverted pieces of paper  Say, ‘Lucky, lucky, luckiness, the luckiest numbers I will choose, Lucky, lucky, luckiness, this day I cannot lose’.
  3. Hold the pendant a few centimeters  over each of the numbers in turn.  Concentrate as you do this, and you should start to feel a pull on the pendant over the right number of squares (needed for a line on the lottery). If any numbers have a weak pull, keep trying until you find a stronger one.
  4. The numbers with the strongest pull are your numbers. Write them down and then burn the papers. Afterwards repeat three  times. ‘Lucky, lucky, luckiness. I release your bounteousness. Untold wealth and undreamed riches, free now are my luckiest wishes’.
  5. Clean away any leftover salt.
  6. As soon as possible, buy your lottery ticket using your lucky numbers.

Good luck.

Namaste, Linda x

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