Please don’t be impatient for your psychic reading

boundariesI’m a psychic¬†One-Woman-Band so to speak (sadly lacking in any musical ability however, people leave the room should I burst into song ūüôā )

Whilst I absolutely love working for myself, it’s a bit of a juggling act to get everything done within office hours. This is because I do¬†everything myself¬† entirely¬†without any assistance.

And there is much more to it than just preparing and sending out psychic readings (which in themselves take up considerable amounts of time).

I receive many emails each day in addition to psychic reading requests. Queries from visitors about which reading they should choose, etc. I try to answer them all quickly.

I also run and update my own website, run my Facebook page (over 12,000 fans) including responding to messages from members, and also my own Twitter account.

As I know I’m under pressure time wise, I always try to be honest on the order pages of my readings about the turnaround time for each reading. In this way¬†my clients know exactly how long they may expect to wait for a reading. Usually I’m able to get the reading to my clients well before the time frame specified, as I know how important it is to have answers to questions when you are worried and looking for psychic guidance.

And I do also offer a fast track Same Day psychic reading service for those who feel they must have their answer today.

So I feel I have done all I can to clarify waiting times for readings. And so I ask that¬†once you have ordered please don’t bombard me with messages asking when your reading will be ready.¬† It actually takes my time up investigating whether your reading may in fact be late and responding to your email to remind you it is not!¬†¬†And¬† also enquiring in this way is actually ¬†likely to have a negative effect on the swiftness of your reading being returned to you.

When you order you will receive an automated message acknowledging payment and then unless I need to ask for further info, your psychic reading will be with you as specified and as you have agreed to wait to by ordering the service.

It is important for the future of my work and my emotional wellness that clients respect my personal boundaries just as I respect theirs too.



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