What does the Lovers tarot card mean?

the-loversThis well-known Tarot card like all tarot cards is multi-layered in meaning.
But today we will be examining the classic meaning, i.e, problems within a love relationship.
I usually see this card in relation to a ‘love triangle’ going on in the life in of the person who is having the reading.
I like to link this idea with the famous quote by the late Princess Diana: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded. ”
So it is more than likely that there is a negative outside influence, affecting the future outcome of the relationship in question.

This may be something that is already suspected about a partner, and in this case the card confirms the fact.

But it can also suggest that the person who is having the reading is not being ‘faithful’ to their partner. And in this case the tarot card is fortelling that soon an important choice will have to be made, as to which person they wish to disappoint. Often though fate will play a part in this and their hand will be forced – the situation is not set to continue for too long.

If this card keeps appearing in your tarot reading, you really need to pay heed to your love relationship, as it is likely that harmony does not prevail there.

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