Learn to read tarot cards: Tips from a professional tarot reader

tarot mirrorLearning how to read tarot cards is an on-going process. If you lived a hundred life times you would probably still be uncovering new ways to view them and continue to discover new meanings for each card. I’ve been reading tarot cards professionally for over 30 years, and I’m still amazed by how a piece of coloured card can speak to you so clearly, directly and truthfully. There are a multitude of books and articles online about the subject, and I can only recommend that you let your intuition be your guide to which you choose to help you on your journey to learning tarot. I will be sharing a weekly tip with you on the craft of tarot reading by drawing on my many years experience of working daily in live readings with the cards. This week’s tip is: “Often the messages the tarot gives can be a little at odds with what we believe to be true. But it never lies. Why would it? The tarot is like a mirror it can only reflect the truth in our lives,  whether we are prepared to accept it or not.” Bear this in mind, should you be reading for yourself or someone else, and you find yourself trying to resist what the tarot is truly trying to say to you.

With my help you can learn to read tarot cards.

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