Celebrity Astrology – Benedict Cumberbatch

bennyGood looking actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA Sherlock Holmes star -is hot news right now. He’s the media’s darling.

I’ve been having a quick peek into his birth chart for a little planetary insight into what 2015 holds for him. And this is what I found.

As a Cancerian Bendict’s career has been prominent since the beginning of the year. But watch out for a career high around the 20th March when a solar eclipse foretells of changes with a strange twist. He could surprise or more likely shock all by a decision he makes about his future film and TV career!

With the eclipse occurring right on the border or cusp of his 9th house(This house defines the quest to expand the horizons) and 10th house (social status) – there could also around this time be a personal melodrama for Benedict. Watch what the papers say around this date!

You  heard it here first.

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