Can a one card tarot reading predict your future?

four of wandsTarot is an amazing tool to gain insight into both your near and distance future.

And the best thing is, you needn’t use all 78 cards to do this. A one card tarot reading can still be predictive and offer you plenty of insight.

Here’s how:

Tarot card of the day: This one tarot card represents a daily guide. It may point out an opportunity, a task, or a simply some aspect that needs your attention that day. You can see this card, as being like your daily guardian angel or companion, tipping you off from a different dimension.

Tarot card of the week: This card highlights the topic of the week. It is as if you are taking a magnifying glass and seeing your week head magnified many times. For instance if you have meetingsĀ  of any kind planned in the coming week, the tarot card of the week will more than likely offer you advice on the best approach.

Tarot card of the month: This provides an outline onĀ  how the next four weeks are likely to be, it will zoom in on what’s going to be the most important area of your life and how it is all likely to play out.

What’s the best way to perform a one card tarot reading?

Take your time and make sure that you sitting comfortably, but alert. Try to breathe freely. Now just listen – not outwardly, but inwardly. Think about anything that it is on your mind, for the day, week or month ahead.

Now shuffle all 78 tarot cards.

Make sure the images remain face down, so that you do not see them.

Now draw your one tarot card.

Place the single card face down in front of you and turn.

Study the image of the card carefully, what immediately comes into your mind as you look at it? You will find that usually the first thought that pops into your mind as the image speaks to you is likely to be the most important. Trust your instincts as you study the card further and listen carefully to the wisdom that the tarot wishes to share with you.

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