Astrology: Love Predictions for 2015

Did  you know that astrologically your chances of attracting  new love are higher at certain times of they year? This is dependent on when Venus (known as the planet of love) is in your own zodiac sign, or in your seventh house (the house of marriage and partnerships). venus

From now until the end of 2015 these are the best time to find love:

  • Aries: Early March, June to early September, November
  • Taurus: Late March/early April, October, December
  • Gemini: Late April, November
  • Cancer:  May, December
  • Leo:  January, June to early September
  • Virgo: February, October
  • Libra:  January, early March, November
  • Scorpio:  February, late March
  • Sagittarius:  Early March
  • Capricorn:  Late March/early April, May
  • Aquarius:  January, April, June to early September
  • Pisces: February, May


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