Angel Message for you: Happy News is coming soon

Archangel Gabriel, is known as the ‘messenger angel’ and this card today is an announcement,  of forthcoming news that you will be happy about

All of the good work you’ve been doing is now resulting in success. The results may differ from your expectations, but you will be pleased with them nonetheless. For that reason, do stay open-minded as to how your ‘ angel blessings’ come to you. If you’re only looking for one type of success, you may not notice it arriving in a different form.

As to the question of when this happy news is coming, Archangel Gabriel, is here to let you know, that it will be ‘soon’, arising within the next few days or weeks (certainly less than two months). In the meantime, continue with your current  activities. Your ‘heavenly’ rewards are unfolding in exactly the right way.

As Archangel Gabriel, was the ‘angel’ that announced the birth of, Jesus, to the ‘Three Wise Men’, I often see this card appear in an angel reading, before news of a pregnancy or a birth of a child.  Should you or someone close be trying to conceive take this card is a wonderful heavenly omen of this happening.

Taken from the, Archangel Gabriel oracle cards, by Doreen Virtue.


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