Psychic Positivity Reading

happy womanWhat positive events are set to happen for ‘YOU over the next few months? Find out now.
I always recommend this inspiring psychic email reading if you’ve been feeling a bit down and you need to know that there is something positive to look forward to.  And don’t we all need a little good news from time-to-time to boost our spirits and help us keep the faith?
With this in mind, I will prepare for you several inspiring psychic predictions using, clairvoyance, tarot and astrology. The predictions won’t be in-depth, just a couple of lines each, but nevertheless they will still be accurate and what I genuinely see clairvoyantly for you. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything negative occurring in your life, but just that I will give you the good news only, ignoring anything that may make you feel down.

I will also include in this reading 30 FREE motivational positive affirmations to help you get your life moving in the right direction and attract lots of positive energies into your life.

What I need from you to prepare your psychic positivity email reading

Your DOB, your photo by attachment, and whether you are currently single or in a relationship. Please use the form below to send me this information. Should you experience any difficulities with the form not going through please email your info directly to me at:  

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Your fabulous psychic positivity reading + 30 FREE positive affirmations only costs £14.95 . Just add to the shopping cart below now and I’ll send it to you within the next 7 days (usually less).



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