Ten Free Positive Affirmations To Attract Wealth

Genuine Four Leaf CloverMany of my clients ask me how they can improve their financial circumstances and leave money worries behind. I’m a great believer in ‘positive affirmations’.  And I’ve found that in my own life, by using them regularly and with belief that you can improve your life considerably.

So here are ten FREE wealth affirmations, that I’ve put together to help you attract more money into your life. It works by harnessing the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’ enabling you to become someone who effortlessly attracts money, and a variety of positive financial opportunities.

These positive affirmations will help you banish any negative beliefs that you currently hold about money. By harbouring negativity about your financial circumstances, you may be setting up energy blockages towards attracting it into your life. You see one of the most important factors to attracting positive things into your life, is maintaining at all times a positive mindset.

So use these affirmations regularly to take control of your finances and your life –I promise you that the law of attraction really works!  But it does need you to believe deeply enough and be willing to put the effort in to reprogramming your mind (daily practice). In this way, you will attract an abundance of money into your life ! So go ahead, and start using the wealth affirmations below now and you will see that it works for you too.


I deserve to be wealthy

I always have more than enough money

I always think positively about money

I am financially secure

Money constantly flows into my life easily and effortlessly

Every day I’m attracting more and more money

I am a magnet for money – prosperity is drawn to me

I attract wealth and abundance easily

Abundance comes to me in many ways

My bank account is always growing


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Posted on Fri 29th Aug 2014 15:46:58