Tarot card interpretation: What does the nine of swords mean?

TarTarot card interpretation: What does the nine of swords mean?ot card interpretations are many and varied. But most tarot cards have generally accepted meanings so here’s what the nine of swords tarot card means.

This tarot card can indicate worry and despair. And in the midst of such suffering it is hard not to feel as though life is hopeless.

But, this card may also indicate the tortures we put ourselves through when we give in to unreasonable fears. It can be the feeling we get when we wake in the middle of the night worrying about something, even though things inevitably do not turn out so badly in the morning. When this card appears, remember the old saying that goes, ‘the darkest hour is just before dawn’, and that fear and worry areusually the biggest part of our problems.

Also a cure for fear is hope, which often depends upon a belief in the magical and divine nature of the Universe. In this tarot card, the mystical aspect of the Universe is represented by the arcane symbols on the comforter on the bed.

On a practical level, this tarot card might indicate being under a lot of stress, or it literally may indicate having a sleeping disorder.


Instead of focusing on all the upsets of your problems, start concentrating on finding solutions to them.

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