A Simple Spell to Stop Gossip

We all often A Simple Spell to Stop Gossiplove a good chat about other people, but if that chat turns out to be malicious gossip, it can be hurtful and destructive to the victim. If someone is throwing bad luck at you by spreading malicious gossip about you, try this simple spell to banish the gossip and protect you from their negative energy.

You will need

A slip of paper with the gossip’s name on it

A mixing dish

One red pepper

One green pepper

One strong onion

A knife

A teaspoon of pepper

A freezer or ice compartment in a fridge

What you do

Do this spell on a Saturday.

Place the slip of paper in the dish, then chop up the peppers and stir the mixture around. The pepper is the banishing ingredient and the onion acts as a protective ingredient. As you mix, say the following words:

May your tongue be sour from  your gossip

May your words return to you

May you realize the pain you have caused

And harm no one again.

Then place the dish and its contents in the freezer or ice compartment for 24hrs the discard the mixture in the wastebin.

Posted on Tue 29th Apr 2014 21:39:30