Psychic scams: Different types of psychic scams

For cePsychic scamsnturies, people have been fascinated with the idea of predicting the future as well as the unknown in general. Many of them turn to psychics for help and advice on a wide variety of topics ranging from finding true love, career, etc.

While many psychics like myself are completely reputable and honest, unfortunately, some are only out to get peoples’ hard earned money.

So I’m writing this article today, because I’ve had a couple of my email psychic client’s contact me lately saying they are worried about an email they have received from a ‘so called psychic’.

I won’t go into all the details, but they were distressed to be told that they had some kind of trouble approaching which the psychic had foreseen, and the only way to avoid the trouble happening was to send this so-called psychic a lot of money to work towards preventing it!

First of all, I would say that a genuine psychic never ever sends out emails such as this. It is against our psychic code of ethics. We work only to bring enlightenment to the client, not fear.

So I thought I would outline some of the most common types of psychic scams, so you don’t fall victim to this type of thing too.

Firstly, if a psychic offers to sell you the winning numbers for a lottery draw, you should be wondering why they would do this. If the psychic really knew the numbers, why they wouldn’t just keep the numbers to themselves, win big, and lead a life free of financial worries?

Another common type of psychic scam is when a psychic or psychic medium tells you that you are cursed and that they can remove it for a fee. This fee is usually exorbitant (hundreds or even thousands of pounds!). They might offer to remove the curse as a service or they might sell you something that is intended to fix it, such as an expensive crystal, potion or candle. These people are using fear to manipulate you into giving them money. Don’t fall for it. The only curse or spell that’s being cast is their own karmic debt for scamming people. You need not worry. And if you are worried send the email to me, and I’ll destroy it!

Another common scam is ‘love spell’ casting services. Here a psychic/witch tells you that they can put a spell on someone to make that person fall madly in love with you. No one can put a spell on another person and overcome that person’s free will, which is why this is a complete scam.

We all have the power to say positive affirmations, set intentions and visualize any outcome that we want to create. And these can be particularly effective with matters of love.  But you can do this yourself– you don’t need a psychic/witch to do it for you. They certainly don’t have any more power or influence than you, so don’t waste your money paying for love spell casting services.

Another scam is when someone guarantees that they can heal you using some form of energy healing technique. Now I do believe in distant energy healing done with pure intentions. But don’t allow your desperation to be healed to get in the way of your common sense. You ought to be immediately suspicious when the person “guarantees” that you will be healed. I would be even more suspicious if they guarantee your healing and charge thousands of pounds for the service.

A final piece of advice regarding psychic scammers is that they tend to like cash by registered post or bank transfer. So if some stranger is trying to convince you to send them money this way only, that should be a red flag that it might be a scam!

Take care out there.

Posted on Wed 2nd Apr 2014 15:14:51