Psychic Readings: How to choose the right psychic

magicartThere are literally thousands of psychic service companies on the internet these days.

Which may leave you the buyer, simply unable to decide which one would be the most helpful to you.

When you order a psychic reading, you’re paying someone to give you answers and advice to the problems, or concerns that you have in your life. So it makes sense therefore, that you check out whether the psychic you’re asking advice from, has the right kind of experience to give you accurate and helpful psychic guidance. 

Anyone as you know can set up a website and anyone can therefore sell their services as a psychic. And this can often lead to poor quality and unhelpful psychic readings.

So what are you supposed to do to help you choose well?

Here’s a tip on an area of great importance with regard to the experience of the psychic and something you should certainly be aware of and looking for.


Unlike many psychics on the internet, I’m from a traditional psychic background in that my many years experience in the psychic world has been gained by actually seeing clients face-to-face both personally, and at party reading events.

This is an essential part of your training as a psychic, it’s like serving an apprenticeship. Working personally in this way, helps you sharpen your intuition and learn to read people quickly and accurately. 

I think you will find that few psychics practising via the internet these days, are actually experienced in this way, and it does make a big difference to the professional quality of the reading.

So please bear this in mind when seeking out online psychic readings. Be sure to ask your  psychic reader whether he/she has worked with clients personally too. If they haven’t, you need to exercise a little caution as they may actually just be sending you replies they’ve copied from books as they are not able to tune into your energies properly.