Healing crystals for weight loss

Healing crystals for weight loss

Here’s a great weight loss tip if you’re hoping to shift some unwanted pounds for the summer months ahead.

Crystals are well-known for their healing powers, so are a great dieting aid. They can help strengthen your resolve and also help heal any emotional issues that you may have related to food.

Crystals that are recommended for promoting weight loss are ‘yellow fluorite, hemimorphite or quartz crystal’.

Start your crystal slimming therapy by holding one of these crystals in your hand for half an hour each day. Whilst you are holding the crystal visualise in your mind’s eye your ideal healthy body shape. Then repeat the following positive ‘weight loss affirmations’:

  1. I deserve to slim and healthy
  2. I like who I see in the mirror
  3. I love and appreciate myself for the wonderful person that I am
  4. I’m 100% committed to achieving my weight loss & fitness goals.
  5. Losing weight comes easily and naturally to me
  6. I am easily and effortlessly achieving my weight loss goals


A chlorite elixir can also help (see below for instructions how to make a crystal elixir). Drink a large glass each day to aid weight loss.

If you think your overeating has an emotional cause, mica can help to heal the emotional imbalance.

It will also help your determination to keep yourself on track for a healthier lifestyle.

How to make a crystal elixir

An elixir is a great way of utilising a crystal’s energy. Take the crystal that you are working with and place it in a glass or jug or mineral water, cover, then leave in direct sunlight or moonlight. The following day it will be ready to drink. Depending on its benefits, you’ll either drink  the elixir, or apply it topically to a certain area, or spray it around the room. Some crystals can be toxic if drunk, always check first from a reputable supplier.

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