Free Psychic Readings

Most days I get requests in my inbox asking for a free psychic reading.Free Psychic Readings

First of all, I would like to say I do not offer a free psychic reading service.

I am professional psychic with many years experience and I put a lot of energy into each and every psychic reading I do. So like professionals in all fields I do make a charge for my time! This is the way I earn my living and pay my bills.

Some people believe that those who do psychic work shouldn’t charge for their service. I find this a very strange attitude. I think you will agree that these people wouldn’t be willing to work for hours of their time for FREE!

If you Google ‘Free psychic readings’ you will find hundreds of psychics showing up.

But you should be aware that this supposedly ‘free psychic reading service’ is often just a guise to draw you into buying a paid for reading. The free reading is unlikely to offer you any true psychic insight and it most certainly will Not help you move forward from problems in your life as do my psychic email readings.

I do however believe in putting something back into the community on my Facebook fan page as a thank you for the support of my fans. So a couple of times a week I do offer several competitions to win free psychic readings. So if you would like a taster of my services, then do feel to take part in the competitions.

I hope this now clarifies my position on this subject.

All good wishes,

Linda x