Liz Taylor’s Near Death Experience

Liz Taylor's Near Death ExperienceIn 1961, the late, Elizabeth Taylor died following an emergency operation. The doctors told her then husband, Eddie Fisher, that she was losing her battle and slipping away. At one point her heart actually stopped beating and the doctors fought long and hard to re-start it. But the plucky actress  made a full recovery from this dreadful ordeal, and brought back with her vivid memories of a her own near death experience.

She revealed to her loved ones that she had been focusing desperately on a hospital light as she felt her life slipping away. The light slowly faded and dimmed like a well-executed theatrical trick and eventually it went to darkness.
‘I died. Shall I tell you what it was like? Being down a long, dark tunnel, there was a light at the end and I had to keep looking at that light.’ She told how the experience was beautiful but painful too. She remembers hearing voices urging her to come back and later she awoke.
She is not alone in this strange experience as many others have described similar situations and the common link seems to be how peaceful it all was.


Posted on Fri 16th Oct 2009 22:03:00