If you feel drawn to the energy of this message, then ‘Yes’ it is intended for you.

 tarot messageSeven of Wands 

The tarot’s  ‘seven of wands’ shows us a character fighting off an attack from below, he looks under pressure, but yet he holds his own and is ‘not defeated’ ‘nor gives up his position’ This card often appears when you may find yourself in a competitive situation whether it be in your personal life (a third person interfering in your relationship) or in your working environment.

However, on a positive note this card of action, offers comfort that any problems that you are currently experiencing can be overcome with courage and determination, something which I sense that you are certainly not lacking in.

As indicated previously, as wand cards often link to work and career, it may be foretelling that you could experiencing some irritations there as well as in your personal life. However, take heart, as it’s nothing that you can’t deal with. Just be prepared to stand up for yourself and do not let colleagues undermine you or shift the blame in your direction if something goes wrong.

As all tarot are multi-layered in meaning this card can also indicate minor health issues, so you need to pay closer attention to your health the months ahead, as you may currently be experiencing a lack of energy and stamina. A slight change to your diet may make all the different, as I sense you are perhaps not eating as well as you should – you may be emotionally in conflict with food at times. There is also the possibility this may be linked to a ‘food intolerance’ issue, which may need a few medical tests to correct.


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