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long hairIn the ancient art of Chinese face reading, hair is considered an important indicator of a person’s personality. The texture, colour, quality and profusion is said to give many clues to the character.

So what does your hair type say about you?

Fine hair: This hair texture indicates someone who is emotionally sensitive and may be physically fragile, especially if she is slender.

Thick, wiry hair: This indicates someone who has robust health and physical prowess…she may be naturally sporty and have the ability to shine athletically.  She also has good powers of recuperation when unwell and enjoys rising to challenges. Tell this person that something can’t be done and she will go to great lengths to prove you wrong!

Curly hair: Someone with naturally curly hair is active and energetic and has a real fun side to her nature. If a person feels the need to curl her hair, perhaps with a perm, it shows that she needs to introduce more energy into her life.curly hair

Straight hair: Someone with naturally straight hair is said to be  easy-going and a relaxing companion. Not one for panicking ..she is someone you’d be glad to have around in a crisis. If a woman makes a point of straightening her hair, it  is said she wants to cultivate these qualities within herself

Long hair: The person with long hair is considerate and practical. She’s a bit of a free spirit and needs to go her own way through life. She is likely to have lots of creative abilities and flair and  therefore has the potential to go far in the world of self-employment.

Short hair: The shorter the hair, the more decisive is the person. Very short, cropped hair indicates someone who is ambitious, dynamic and possibly aggressive.

Shaved hair: Someone with a shaved head is full of dynamic energy, which often makes for a restless, often overly pushy, short-tempered and tense individual.