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eight of cups

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1. Eight of Cups: If you look closely at this lonely image, you will see a man walking off into dark mountains guided only by the light of the moon. Behind him he leaves eight golden cups. In tarot these cups represent what the man has  built up in his life so far,  but this no longer offers him any happiness, so he leaves it all behind and sets off to begin again.

This card suggests that you have now reached an important turning point in your life.  There is a sense that this may be because you have recently been through an emotional experience when you may have lost faith not only in yourself, but possibly in someone around you who you once had trust in. However, on a positive note this card foretells in the weeks ahead that you will make great progress in leaving past upsets behind for good!

You could now feel a strong need to change your life completely  – try out new experiences, almost re-invent yourself even! And as a result you may be exploring several different paths forward seeing just what is possible for you to achieve.

If you are working this tarot card can indicate a strong possibility of work change. I sense that you have hidden talents that you are not able to make the best use of at the moment.

This card encourages you to  unleash your creative side and follow your dreams . Whether this be a return to study to gain extra qualifications to enhance your career prospects, or a complete change of direction to follow a career that you have always dreamt about. Cups cards in tarot tend to appear when the person who is having the reading has a very caring nature, so if you’ve thought of a career which would involve helping others in some kind of way such as social work, child care, psychology, or nursing, then be assured you would do well in this area.


seven of pentalces2. Seven of Pentacles – This card advises that right now you need to be really patient, even if you are experiencing a frustrating lack of progress relating to a certain matter that is important to you. It’s clear that you’ve put a great deal of time and energy into a project/ career change/person, and unfortunately as yet you haven’t seen any real results. But do stay optimistic as you’ve planted the seed, watered it and given it fertilizer. Now comes the difficult part – waiting. Be patient and  you’ll see the results you’ve been hoping for before too long. The result being ‘successes of course! Always expect happy ending and they will come to you!

This card is also a good omen if you’ve been waiting on some money to arrive….it’s on it way so don’t worry.


nine c3. Nine of Cups –This upbeat and vibrant card foretells that you will soon have good reason to be very pleased with yourself . This is because you’ve send out lots of good karma and positivity  into the world in the past with your actions. And now the Universe wants to reward you by giving you something back in return, so expect some good news before too long that makes you feel like celebrating. Did I mention too that this is also known as a ‘wish come true’ card? So make your wish now confident that it will come into being.

I’ve even known this card for those who are single….to foretell of lasting commitment in a relationship leading to marriage. You are indeed blessed!



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