soldAre you desperate to move?

Have you been trying to sell your house for months or even years?

If so, perhaps you need a little magical help. I’d recommend this lovely gentle spell to literally get things moving fast!


You will need:

* A glass storage jar or a container with a lid

*Small items from around the house that will fit in the jar and not shatter


*Place the items one by one in the jar. Say for each item, “I release this home with love. I set free with thankfulness the memories. I let go of the sad times, the bad times, and the good equally, and thank you guardian of the place for your protection”.

When it almost full, put on the lid and take the jar beyond your property line. Shake the jar gently three times and repeat the spell words.

*Return home and put the jar near the front door. Touch it daily and say the spell words again.

*When you move, take the jar with you to your new home and place the items around the home. Wash the jar in hot water and, when it’s dry, fill it with dried beans for good fortune and to attract the blessing of the guardian of the new home.