babubEarlier on my Facebook page, I asked you to instinctively choose a Christmas bauble, to receive a psychic prediction for 2017. Please bear your prediction/s in mind, even if it does not immediately make sense, as it will do so as some time passes. 2017

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  1. One of the biggest challenges that you face over the next 12 months is dealing with ‘you’. I sense that unfortunately, you may not be the most decisive person in the world. And as a result,  you may spend so long thinking about doing something that you miss out on important opportunities ! But it’s time to get more confident with decision making, as late January/early February, is seen as a time when you will need to make a calm and logical decision rather than an emotional one. This is because what you decide then, will have a long term impact on your life. This may relate to changes in your career, adding to your existing family, or even moving away. So be confident and trust your inner voice on this, as you will find it can guide you towards making better decisions. On a  side note, number 13, which is traditionally thought of as being unlucky will be the opposite for you in a few-weeks-time.  Look out for it in addresses or an appointment on this day or even someone’s birthday. And be sure to add it to your lottery ticket! There is a ‘touch of destiny’ about this number for you.
  2. Home and family life may have been somewhat turbulent for some years. Never a dull moment so to speak. There may always be some kind of surprising dramas/problems unfolding. There may even have been a relationship break up within the family unit. However, the good news here is that things are going to be much less turbulent in 2017, as more personal happiness is on its way for you and your loved ones (especially a younger family member who may have been troubled/worried for some time) . On a side note, if you’ve thought of trying to earn money from home with a small business idea (creative), then the Spirits are full of encouragement for you to do so without any further hesitation, as you will succeed.
  3. Finances may have been challenging this year. This doesn’t mean poverty or loss, only that you’ve had to work harder to cover your expenses and make sure that those you love have what they need. But the good news from the world of Spirit, is, that next year will be much better. A wonderful blessing is set to arrive at your door before the month of February is over, as the Universe ‘touches’ you with a ‘good measure of luck.’ If you’ve thought of a change of career direction, the Good Spirits ask what is ‘holding you back’? Only your own lack of ‘confidence! If you need more qualifications, then start on the road to gaining them.  You know that your caring nature would make you a natural ….go for it!
  1. I sense you may currently have arrived at a crossroads in your life, whether this be a temporary job coming to an end, or the questioning of a troubled personal relationship, or a simple yearning for a new direction. You seem unsettled and maybe a little down, as you don’t know the best thing way forward. However, Spirit doesn’t want you to worry as they lovingly advise that you are now at the threshold of making important and overdue changes to your life, but the changes must not be rushed. If you move to fast, you could make a mistake. There is a need to review your options carefully, do further research if necessary and then you can make confident choice. Spirit reminds you that even if you can’t see any progress at the moment, take heart as positive changes are happening behind the scenes. Your personal hopes and ambitions will be successful in 2017. If you’ve been awaiting any news which has held back your progress, such as – the outcome of a problem with those in official places (council, govt depts., etc) court cases, house sales, etc – then the news will be ‘good’ and will arrive soon.
  1. 2017, is to be a wonderful year of ‘healing’ for you, whether you have been physically ill or emotionally depressed…the good news is, you will be returning to full health and your usual enthusiasm for life will once again be restored. You’re taking back control of your life and not letting others lead the way, criticise you unfairly or tell you what to do. If we look back, there has been something deeper going on.  Some of you may have had disappointment/shocks whether recently or in the past, that you have struggled to accept and come to terms with, which has affected your well-being. But now you are finally letting go and your experience rather than having weakened you has strengthened you. Healling is beginning. Now there is HOPE, there is happiness and there is lots of love from Spirit guiding and lighting your path ahead. You may find as the year progresses that your priorities change and that something brings renewed meaning and purpose to your life. This in turn brings lasting happiness, so have faith, remain optimistic, as you have not been left out.
  1. In 2017, exciting news, ‘love is in the air’ for you. The Good Spirits, are aware of your heart’s yearning for love and true happiness. So whether you are single, married, or even given up on love…romance is heading your way at ‘supersonic’ speed. You may experience this in the form of a fabulous new romance (could be someone you already know or are aware of, see in passing, etc). If you are in  an existing relationship there could be improvements that bring you much joy (a new deeper understanding, listening to your needs and concerns, acknowledging how vulnerable and insecure you feel at times, which is not helped by lack of understanding). At last, whether single, or already committed, you will find the ‘right kind of love’ for you. An additional message from Spirit, is that you have a wondeful gift of ‘healing’, it would be an idea in 2017, to receive some training in this, as you have much to offer those in need.


(©  Linda Preston, 2016