As a professional and ethical psychic you can be assured that everything you share with me is entirely confidential. And:

I do not predict death or answer questions about medical problems (these are best left to a medical professional) My psychic reading will not cause you to be concerned or frightened in any way.

I do not read for under 18s.

As a matter of policy, I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

If I feel your behavior is addictive (continually ordering psychic readings, week after week. Yes, it does happen!), I may refuse to read for you.  I do not encourage addiction to psychics, astrologers or tarot readers, as everyone has to take responsibility for their own lives.

All readings are given in good faith and are based on what I honestly forsee for you at the time of the reading, but fate is not rigid and set in stone,  many factors come into play over the course of the time span of the reading. I do not guarantee accuracy but always do my best to present it to you.  Many factors are continually at play in your life and that of others which may influence events and therefore alter the predictions. I never make claims to being 100% accurate and any psychic that does is not genuine.  Please make sure you bear this is in mind when ordering a reading from me.

Please do not request psychic readings on behalf of someone else. Every reading is strictly confidential and I will only take direct requests from the person who the reading is intended for. Nor will I send it to any email address that does not belong to the person who the reading is for.

Also please note that I am unable to accept payments from someone else’s credit or debit card.

In the unlikely event that you are not entirely happy with your reading I’m always more than willing to discuss in full with you, and work to set things right. If this be the case, you must contact me within 7 days of receiving the reading to request a refund.

But please note that I do not offer refunds as a matter of policy just because you do not like the answer! When you order a reading, you are requesting my psychic advice, and a great deal of energy and time goes into preparing each individual reading. So please shop mindfully.

And although all my readings are always given in good faith, I’m obliged to inform you that:

UK law states that all psychic services are to be regarded as for “entertainment purposes” only. They are not intended to replace professional advice in any way. Any decisions that you make following receipt of your reading must be your responsibility entirely.