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Scroll down the page to find the image that you have chosen. The answers will reveal a little about your personality and how to make more of your natural creativity.

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IMAGE 1: The field of grass blowing in the breeze is a wonderful example of life, and the organic twists and turns it makes. Choosing this image reveals that you are an intelligent person who has a deep and soulful side to your nature. Few people know the real you, as you always keep a part of you hidden. You are someone who often enjoys spending time alone so you can think things through. Being close to nature is also important to your well-being.

MESSAGE: Life can be positive and negative, dark and light, happy and sad. It is only when you can learn from each side of the coin, that you will become enriched with more positivity. Above all else, the act of ‘giving’ is an extremely important way to enrich your life. When you give, you connect to an important appreciation for life’s situations, the natural abundance that is always around you and the lessons that life teaches you.

TIP: It is time for you to actively work on your emotional healing. Don’t be afraid of revisiting old painful memories. It is only when unresolved feelings surface, that you can shed them for good. Effective emotional healing can completely free you and allow you to embrace life more fully.

IMAGE 2: The bricks that you walk on are there to support you. Life as well, will support you. This image reveals that you are likely to be a sensitive individual that could use a boost to the spirit, for you are easily weighed down with life’s worries. You are someone who has faced many challenges in recent years and it has taken its toll on your inner strength and perhaps left you feeling vulnerable at times.

MESSAGE: It is time for you to conquer your fears and move up in all aspects of your life. Whatever it is that you currently have hesitation with, know that there is always a positive way to approach it. Stop looking towards the ground and hold your head up high. Deep down, although you may not feel so you are actually a resourceful person; you just have to believe this in order to get ahead. The most powerful thing that you have on your side is your mind. Worrying is not good for you; for it crushes your creativity, personality and overall zest for life. Know that whatever you worry about or have hesitation with, the universe will support you to overcome it. Just believe that it will.

TIP: Know that when you feel stuck in a rut, or confused; things are always changing and moving. The feeling of ‘being stuck’ is only a state of mind. When you identify that you feel that way, it can be one of the best things for you, for then it can become a time of transformation.

IMAGE 3: Lights, music, excitement. You are an individual that likes to have their creative side stimulated. You love to be surrounded by the buzz of people, and activities. Sitting still for more than a few minutes is hard for you.

MESSAGE: It is important for you to remember that your creative spirit is not just triggered by the rush of sound or an amazing visual performance. An untouched natural environment is the number one provider of a creative charge. It linked to the ‘divine’ and other worlds. Right now it’s also important to reconnect with nature and in this way you also get back in touch with yourself too. Focus on creating a healthy balance in your life between your work, family, personal tasks and the outdoors. Turn to nature when you are feeling lost. Nature is “creation”. Nature is home.

TIP: The best way to live creatively is to allow yourself to express yourself in every single way. Do not hold anything back. If you feel like singing; sing from your heart. If you feel like dancing; dance in the street. Remember that nature never holds back anything.

IMAGE 4: Calm, cool serenity. The simplicity of a body of water is one of the most meditative and healing environments you could put yourself in. Your mind and body is asking you therefore to give it more time for peace and rest. I sense that perhaps you are currently feeling stressed and longing for a break.

MESSAGE: It is time for you to truly listen to what your heart is telling you to do. When you listen to your heart and live a life true to yourself, your spirit grows stronger and you become more connected to the outer world. Use your intuition. Everything is energy and therefore everything is connected. Do not doubt your inner messages. They are there to guide and help you, and are usually right. There are spiritual signs everywhere around you right now. Perhaps you are already aware of them, if so, do be open to embracing them.

TIP: If you are not listening to your heart or your intuition, you surely will always be going the wrong way.

IMAGE 5: The beautiful leaves of autumn hold the essence of new beginnings to come. There is a sense of richness,  and also of accomplishment. A cycle has been completed and a new one is about to begin.

MESSAGE: This image suggests that you may need to take a break from a few things. Whatever it is that has been draining you of energy and perhaps robbing you of sleep , you need to take a break from. Let someone else take care of your responsibilities for a while. Focus on what it is that you truly want to work on. What is it that makes you feel accomplished and creative? It is important for you to have balance, as feeling as though you are trapped into doing everything, is unhealthy and not all good for your emotional well-being. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when it is need

TIP: Allow yourself to take on any CREATIVE tasks that you feel strangely drawn to. Don’t hold back on something because you feel that others may ‘frown’ upon your choices. If you wake up one morning and feel a sudden urge to start knitting with bright yellow wool, just do it! You never know what will happen. Allow yourself to be guided by spirit.

IMAGE 6: The life and energy within a forest is the most untouched, highest vibration, spiritually charged energy that you can find. You are an old soul that desires more personal time to reflect and create.

MESSAGE: Know that you are loved. Even if you do not currently have anyone around you telling you, that you are. You are loved by the entire universe. If you feel alone at times, or that people do not understand you, there is no need to despair. Energy is creation. Creation is love. Creation is YOU. When you send love out into existence, you will receive love back. Try sending love out to everyone you know. If you do not know anyone; send love out to the trees, plants, animals or people in general. You always WILL receive love back.

TIP: When you are acting from a place of “inner knowing and trust”, you are put into a higher vibration. It is a level of vibration that attracts abundance in all areas of your life.

IMAGE 7: A beautiful day in a calm and pleasant pasture. The lovely blue sky shows no worry about any storms ahead. Choosing this image reveals that you are someone that loves to feel secure and safe.  You are someone who doesn’t often stray from your usual routine and this may lead to periods of boredom and thoughts ‘that there must be more to life’.

MESSAGE: It is time you worked on creating your best life! You have the power to do anything and everything, all you have to do is try. Work out what it is that you want to feel. Do you want to feel love, health, wealth? It is not about ‘thinking’ about what you want to have, it is about ‘feeling’ what you want to have. When you truly feel it, it will be yours.

TIP: When you set intentions on how you want your life to feel, you are sending that message out into the universe, asking for it to happen. When you feel strongly enough about your intentions, the universe will answer and you will find that they will manifest in some way. But you do have to be specific about what it is you want.

IMAGE 8: This image of graffiti is creative and yet burdening to some. This scene is a perfect example of someone’s creative escape. When people see graffiti, they either gaze in awe at the intricate creativity that is displayed before them, or they frown at the defacing of their streets and buildings. This image reveals that you are someone that often feels a bit disillusioned by life and people. And you are likely also to feel pulled in opposite directions about which way to take your life forward.

MESSAGE: You need to become more open to other people’s points of view. Not everything is black and white, nor should it be. You must make decisions based on seeing every situation from all angles. It is the only way to go about something in a fair way. Are you going to look at an issue as a burdening problem or beautiful artwork?

TIP: Really come to terms with what it is that you value and appreciate in your life. Reaching out and connecting with others will broaden your understandings to many different subjects. Take all the advice that you can get, however it is up to you to do your homework when making your final decisions about changes that you know in your heart need to be made.

IMAGE 9: These beautiful lilies symbolize peace and contentment. This image reveals that you are someone that enjoys feeling as happy and at peace as you can. You are always so busy with day- to -day activities that you rarely get chance to stop and just enjoy the moment.

MESSAGE: It is time for you to simply surrender to life and let the path you are traveling on unfold before you. Don’t be worried about what you have to accomplish of what your next move is. Only when you worry, do you create obstacles for yourself. Let life happen. Only when you do this will you find everything you need along the beautiful garden path that you are walking on.

TIP: No matter how hard life can get at times, don’t give up. The best day of your life might be tomorrow. A flower always has to go through an important transition of a period of growth under the dark soil before it emerges into an amazing beautiful creation. Every creation has stages of growth.