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angel of hopeAngel card 1

Your intuitive abilities are very accurate right now, so you can trust your inner guidance to lead you in the right direction. Follow your own insights over the advice of others, and you won’t go wrong. Also pay close attention to your dreams as they are very important right now as they carry more guidance and insight. They also reflect experiences from the past that are affecting the present, or they may be an indicator of things yet to come.

Don’t allow fear or worry to prevent you from taking chances to change your circumstances. They may yet be a need to make some changes to your plans, but that doesn’t indicate anything other than the need for a course correction. Your angels are watching over your progress, as well as presenting you with signs to help you on your way. Be sure to notice them.

A note of caution for now do keep your thoughts and secrets to yourself, someone around you may not be all they want you to believe that they are.

Angel card 2

You can always choose freedom. The situation you’re in may be making you feel trapped, but the truth is there is always another path. There is a way to leave any discontentment you may currently be feeling and move towards joy. Ask your angels for the gift of ‘self-confidence’ then reach within and feel your own inner strength, and know that there’s nothing that you cannot do if you only believe in yourself.

Refuse from now onwards to be stuck in a life that doesn’t make you happy. Don’t wait for someone to come to your rescue when you can free yourself. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll take one step each day towards that the future that you so want…and then get going.

Angel card 3

The angels are pleased to announce that you can expect a ‘happy change’ soon, and they celebrate with you as good luck comes your way. Slow-moving events will now suddenly take a leap forward, and great progress will be possible. So a good sign if you have been waiting to hear from someone or an organization (This may be work or property related). Unexpected opportunities provide you with the chance to implement real change in your life!

It may be necessary for you to make clear and firm decisions very quickly. If the situation you find yourself in leaves you lacking in confidence, remember you can always call upon your angels to help you.

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