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Your Cupid Angel Message

Yesterday on my Facebook page I asked you to choose a number, to bring you your message from your Cupid Angel.

Please scroll down the page to find the number you chose and receive your free love message.

Did you choose number 1?
If you are currently single, expect things to change quickly – within a month. Your Cupid angel has fired her arrow and it’s winging its way to your true soul mate.

New love is entering your life so this is certainly a good time to put yourself out there. Get involved, take up any invitations that come your way. The Cupid Angels, are conspiring to bring you ‘romantic happiness’ It’s yours for the taking!

If you are already in a relationship, but looking to reboot things between you, then do be sure to make time for your partner. Shake up your usual routine by doing something different and fun together- as you may have slipped into a bit of a rut. Your partner may have seemed distant of late and this may have worried you, but there is a ‘good reason’ behind this. Talk to him/her about this and your mind will be put at ease. A romantic weekend break away is just what your Cupid Angel has ordered and it could happen before Easter.

Did you choose number 2?
If you are single, ‘it’s s a confidence thing with you, says your Cupid Angel. You may feel that it’s your destiny to never find true and lasting love. Past disappointments in love may have sapped your self-belief. But your Cupid ‘Angel’ wants you to know that you are as truly deserving of love and affection as everyone else. Do remain optimistic that the loving relationship that you hope and dream about will soon come into your life. Trust that you Cupid Angel will take care of this. Watch out with for a day of the month with the ‘number’ 3 in it, this could be especially important romantically and could bring a meeting with that ‘special person’ you’ve been looking for.

If you are committed love should be going very well, this is very likely to be a strong relationship that is mutually supportive and beneficial. If you have not yet made a commitment to one another and you are worried this may not happen – then don’t be. Your Cupid Angel predicts that ‘you may get your wish’ on this before June is out.

Did you choose number 3?
If you are single, your Cupid Angel, is aware that you may have a secret admirer. Someone around you has stronger feelings for you than you have been aware of. And, you will be surprised by who this as this person has hidden their romantic feelings for you well. But within the space of 21 days this is brought into the open when a mutual acquaintance lets it slip. And you won’t be disappointed by who it is!

If you are in a relationship, your Cupid Angel says you are one of life’s sensitive souls, a natural romantic at heart. But it would seem of late, that your romantic aspirations and needs may not being met. You may feel that your partner doesn’t really listen to you anymore and you could be pulling in opposite directions in several areas of your life. Is this something that can be repaired? Yes, it is, but only with some open and honest discussion. But this of course, has to work both ways- it can’t just come from you.
Use the most romantic day of the year to ‘get some special time’ alone together and open your heart to your partner.

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Your free tarot card reading by top UK psychic Linda

Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I asked you to choose a tarot card that you felt most drawn too. Tarot, is of course, well-known for being one of the most accurate forms of prediction.

Scroll down the page to find your number choice and find out what the tarot wish you to know about your life now and in the immediate months ahead.

If you’d like a more in-depth psychic reading via email, then please check out my psychic reading menu now, in the left hand column.

One of my most popular email readings, is a ‘combination reading’ that offers you an exciting glimpse into your future, using astrology, tarot and angel cards.

Here’s the link, if you would like to learn more:  Psychic Combination Reading


Did you choose card number 1?  The eight of cups

The eight of cups, is a card of finally letting go of what no longer works for you and walking away from it. You may have tried to walk away before but didn’t have the strength to do so, but now you have.

When you are constantly worried and everything seems an effort, it’s draining and that’s why you may have always feel so tired physically and mentally.

So breaking away and making a fresh clean start ,is the best decision you could have made for the sake of your good health.

And remember once one door closes another one always opens. New opportunities will as the months unfold gradually be presented to you. So be sure to embrace these and enjoy every moment – as you deserve it.

I often find this card will appear – just before a change of home too. A good omen if you have plans to move.


Did you choose card number 2? The Star

Known as the ‘wish’ card in the tarot deck, it suggests that a long held wish you have will likely come true in the coming year.

It truly is a wonderful card to choose. It predicts hope for the future and lots of good things to look forward too.

This is an excellent card to choose if you are thinking of returning to study, but astrology or spiritual studies (mediumship) would be especially well favoured.

The Star card, also carries a lovely healing energy too. So if you or someone close has been unwell either physically or emotionally, it predicts a return to good health.


Did you choose card number 3? Ace of Wands


The fire energy of the Ace of Wands with its image of new buds bursting out of a wand (stick) predicts that over the next couple of months you are entering a period of new beginnings – when many things that you’ve thought out of your reach should now become entirely possible

All wand cards are also connected closely with communications, and your ability to put your own ideas across in the world of work. So this card is an omen that  can represent the idea of an interesting new job and a new employer

This card also reminds you not to undersell yourself as you are much more capable than you give yourself credit for – you could still achieve a great deal more.

This vibrant ‘Ace ’can if you are single, als opredict the start of a ‘new love affair,’ so do not let any past disappointments in love, hold you back from embracing new love opportunities as they come along.

Additionally there may be newsof a baby on the way in your family circle.  Also a good sign if you are hoping to conceive soon.


Did you choose card number 4?  Seven of Cups

You have many options open to you and many paths to choose from, and this makes it hard for you to know exactly which way to go. Wait a while and see which turns out to be best, and if in doubt use your intuition or tune into your spirit guides for help in deciding.

If money has been an issue in your life, don’t worry anymore, mid-February brings you a bit of ‘cosmic good luck’ which will represent the start of an upward trend in your finances. You’ll be able to spoil yourself and loved a little with a small windfall.

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Enjoy the Flow of Prosperity coming your way!

This card is an image of Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Fortune.

If you feel drawn to the energy of this vibrant card today, it indicates that your prayers about finances have been heard, and answered. There will soon be an upturn in cash flow into your life.

You can tap into your manifestation power by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about money. There is   nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones.

Additional meanings for this card:

Stop worrying about money; worries only attract money problems

Everything’s going to be okay, especially with respect to finances

You have the support to make a desired life change right now

Visualize and affirm prosperity.

Thank You lovely Lakshmi, for bringing peace to all of us, knowing that we are supplied with of all of our needs.

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Simple magic spell to win the Lottery

Christmas, is fast approaching and most people could do with a bit  extra cash, so I’m sharing a ‘magic spell’ to ‘win the lottery’ from my own, Book of Shadows.

It may not make you a millionaire, but you  should certainly attract enough extra cash to make you more comfortable.

You will need:

A favourite pendant

Squares of paper, on which you will write all the numbers involved in the lottery draw that you are entering.

A bowl of salt.

Timing: Whenever you get the  buzz that says you ‘feel lucky’

The spell

  1. Place the squares of paper facedown on the table, and mix them so you don’t know where each number is placed. Once you are done mixing, places the squares in a circle, keeping them facedown.
  2. Sprinkle a circle of salt in a clockwise circle around the inverted pieces of paper  Say, ‘Lucky, lucky, luckiness, the luckiest numbers I will choose, Lucky, lucky, luckiness, this day I cannot lose’.
  3. Hold the pendant a few centimeters  over each of the numbers in turn.  Concentrate as you do this, and you should start to feel a pull on the pendant over the right number of squares (needed for a line on the lottery). If any numbers have a weak pull, keep trying until you find a stronger one.
  4. The numbers with the strongest pull are your numbers. Write them down and then burn the papers. Afterwards repeat three  times. ‘Lucky, lucky, luckiness. I release your bounteousness. Untold wealth and undreamed riches, free now are my luckiest wishes’.
  5. Clean away any leftover salt.
  6. As soon as possible, buy your lottery ticket using your lucky numbers.

Good luck.

Namaste, Linda x

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