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Today’s Free Angel Message: ‘Blessing in Disguise’

The ‘Angels’ are keen to assure you that what appears to be a problem is actually part of your answered prayer. You’ll understand the reasons behind your present situation as everything resolves. Trust in heaven’s protection and infinite wisdom to answer your prayer in the best way.

The angels have sent you this card today, to help you recognize ‘the blessing’ in the midst of an apparent challenge.  What you appear too have lost needed to fall away, and will soon be replaced with something better.  Don’t worry or be scared about your future, but continue asking the ‘Angels’ for help, and then following the guidance that comes to you through intuitive feelings, thoughts, and words.

Additional Meanings For This Card:  When one door closes, another one opens • • Release the need to control and predict the outcome to this situation • Trust completely – all will be well soon.

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Today’s Free Angel Message For You: Triumphant

The ‘Angels’ are keen to assure you that any obstacles that you have been experiencing in your life of late, are just temporary. Your Guardian Angels, are taking care of the details to remove them from your path. Do not worry about the appearance of challenges, because they till soon disappear. If you worry excessively about these issues, you will fuel them with power and energy. See them instead as wispy clouds that can’t really block you, but can be walked through.

This is an especially important time for you to stay in regular contact with your angels. Sometimes when we are under stress, we forget to pray and ask for Heaven’s help – yet these are the times when it is best for us to enlist the help of our celestial guides.

It gives your angels’ great pleasure to help you to create  a smooth path forward. They know that you will grow faster in a peaceful setting, just as a plant grows strongest with the best nutrients, sunlight, and water.

Your life is soon set to become more stable with a quieter form of excitement. The drama of obstacles and problems with certain people in your life, is now a thing of the past.” You and your loved ones are indeed ‘blessed.’



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Today’s Angel Message For You: Celebration

The Angels celebrate with you

The angels want you to know that this is a light-filled time in your life. You have been working toward making changes, and your intentions have now manifested into being.

It’s now time to celebrate and enjoy life to the full.

The angels ask you, through this heavenly message, to hold strong in this gratitude. You are like a gardener who plants seeds and nurtures them because she has faith that her labours will yield new growth.

Keep watering and tending to your seeds, and you will soon see them sprouting through the surface. The angels are your co-gardeners, who help you tend to your crop and bring all ‘that is good and positive into your life and that of your loved ones.

Namaste, Linda 🙏

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Your Angel Message For 2020

Your ‘Angels’ say: “Now we are at the start of another year, this is the perfect time for you to have great faith and hope! This Star shines in the heavens as inspiration and as an affirmative sign to you that your plans can be viewed with enthusiasm and confidence.

If you have been experiencing challenges or feeling stressed, you can rest assured that your difficulties will quickly fade into the past. This ‘heavenly message’  is the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is a star you can make a wish upon.

The most important element for your success is believing in yourself. Archangel Jophiel, can help you see how beautiful this moment in your life is. Feel inspired to make long-term plans and know that you will be successful!

Additional meanings of this card: A dream come true. Renewed purpose. Following your intuition. Faith in yourself.

Archangel Jophiel’s name means “the beauty of God.” She excels at beautifying any situation or challenge that has arisen. You can also call upon Archangel Jophiel in times of joy and gratitude to help you anchor in your heart the positive energy of that moment.”

You can order your own personalized ‘angel messages’ or ‘psychic predictions for 2020’ via email.  Scroll down the menu in the left hand menu.

Namaste, Linda. 💖


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