How to read tarot cards for beginners

The Six Card Choose-it-Yourself Tarot Spread

The easiest way for a beginner tarot reader, tarot cards grto start to read the tarot cards is to make a list on a piece of paper of six areas of life, which are of special interest to  themselves  or someone they are practicing on.

Then simply pick out six cards, either from the top of a shuffled tarot deck or at random and make up a story based on the card meanings.

Once you have grasped this method, choose six more tarot cards , either right off the top of the deck or with selected cards and see how the story progresses.

Alternatively, choose one or two categories out of the six and put another card or two on top of them to ‘zoom in’ onto a particularly important aspect of interest.

It may also help to write down the story you feel the cards have told you in this session, so you can refer back to it in the future to check accuracy.

You might also enjoy starting a tarot journal to chart your work and  research into the meanings of the tarot. You’ll find my article ‘The Benefits of Keeping a Tarot Journal’ here

Fast Money Spell

green candle

I love looking at spell recipes of all kinds.

I have a large collection of spell books  that I’ve acquired over the years to help with my psychic and spell casting work.

As the festive season is fast approaching, a time when money is often in short supply for many I thought I share with you this really easy and fast acting money spell. It may bring you just the boost to your finances that you need to help you have a stress free holiday period.

It’s actually best done during the period of the waxing moon (moving towards a Full Moon) We will be entering this period soon as we approach the December 6th Full Moon. But you can do it anytime and it will still have a positive effect.


Take a green candle and anoint it with a little clove oil (you can find clove oil in pharmacies, supermarkets and health shops)

As you light the wick , imagine money being attracted to you. Take some time to visualise this. Really see in your ‘mind’s eye’ piles of gold coins and bank notes. Then let the candle burn down naturally (of course, never leave the candle unattended) The spell is then completed.

Be sure to add the proviso to your spell, that the money coming to you is through harm to none, including yourself (insurance money following an accident could be a good way for a money spell to backfire)

Remember persistence pays off in magick, so if you can find the time and inspiration to repeat this daily until the next Full Moon, all the better.  Spells for money are best performed first on a Thursday for maximum effect.

Good Luck,

Linda x


Which Psychic Reading Should You Choose?

tarot-cards-2Visitors to my website often mail me and ask which psychic reading they should choose.

They say that they are confused about which reading would suit their particular personal circumstances.

It’s really simple in a way, firstly you need to decide just why you are having a reading.

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We hope you like our brand new website

Well today, at last, after six years online Psychic Reach’s old website has been replaced by this super new one.

The new site has been designed, so that you as the visitor can easily navigate the site, and quickly browse through the psychic email readings on offer and also read the extensive library of paranormal articles.

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