Which tarot cards indicate a move of house?

Are you hoping for a house move?

Do you wonder if you will ever find and own your dream home?

In tarot, there are several cards which refer to property matters and moving house. Here they are based on my 30 years plus experience of reading tarot cards.

four of wandsThe four of wands

A happy scene indeed. This bright card foretells that you are about to set down new roots and you will be more than happy in your new home.

Good energy and a fabulous neighbours. What more can you ask for?

A card connected with celebrations also, it likely to indicate a   house warming party too.

The Empress

the empressThis card is often associated with pregnancy and even financial abundance. But I find she also pops up in a reading when someone is about to make a move of house and settle down in a lovely location, more often than not close to the countryside, or even  own a house that has a large garden (the Empress is linked to Nature).

She does look comfortable too, doesn’t she? So expect to feel this way in your new home.

It could be a move that lasts you a life time.



Three of Pentacles

three of pentacles  Three people stand outside of a property, they are deep in discussion.

The discussion could involve changes to the property structure. Work needs to be done. Renovations to be carried out.

Yes, a house move will happen. But expect to spend money on improvements and these may not necessarily be what you are aware of at the point of sale. Make sure your budget allows for unforseen extras.

This card can also indicate future expansion of your living space. Adding extra rooms or extending a room.


five of pentaclesFive of Pentacles

This is a bleak card, and often associated with ‘loss of money and status’

It may indicate that you could benefit from someone else’s financial misfortunes i.e. a repossession.

Or it could be a warning that you should be cautious that you are not over stretching yourself financially with a house purchase. Make sure you double check your sums to avoid problems.

I find this card is also associated with religious buildings, so you may  move to a house that is close to one.


Positive Affirmations to help improve stress, anxiety and depression

simplyMany clients who contact me are suffering with stress, anxiety and/or depression.
Whilst it always important that you follow the advice of your GP to help fast-track your recovery, there are many ways in which you can help yourself too.
I’m a great believer in using positive affirmations to help change your life for the better.

I’ve found that they have helped me achieve success in several areas of my life, but are particularly effective for boosting your mood.

Affirmations are positive statements which help override your inner critic. You know that nagging little voice that can be prone to feeding you all kinds of negative statements. A horrid little voice, that most people who suffer from emotional upsets are usually familiar with.
Positive affirmations work  by replacing the negativity you have fed yourself over the years with positivity!
But for affirmations to work effectively, it’s best if you say them at least three times a day. You can say them out loud or silently -it works just as well either way.
And if you practice regularly, you’ll find even after a few days your mood should start to lift considerably and you’ll also re-find your confidence again.
Here’s 30 positive affirmations to get you started on the road to lasting positivity and peace from suffering.
Choose several that you feel comfortable with and you can also add your own too.

1. I breath out all my fears and inhale  confidence
2. I have inner peace and contenment
3. I let go of all worries
4. I always assume the best
5. I love, approve and accept myself fully.
6. I feel great about being me
7. My thoughts and opinions are valuable
8. I have something special to offer the world
9. I deserve to be happy
10. I choose to be happy
11. I choose to live without anxiety
12. Each day I feel more and more happy
13. Each day I feel less and less anxious
14. I am always happy
15. I am always confident
16. I am confident that I can achieve anything
17. Other people see me as a happy, relaxed and confident person
18. Other people like and respect me
19. I connect well with other people
20. I believe in myself
21. I am worthy of love
22. I deserve to be loved
23. Liking and respecting myself is easy
24. Every day is a chance to have a happy day filled with many blessings.
25. I deserve to be successful and have the respect from all people in my life
26. I am confident that I can achieve anything
27. Fantastic things happen in my life daily
28. My happy thoughts bring happy things
29. I’m looking forward to the future with excitement
30. Better and brighter times are coming.

Is a Tarot Card Reading the Same as a Psychic Reading?

tarot readingsMany people are confused as to what  the difference is between a tarot reading and a psychic tarot reading.

They may think they are really one and the same.

This is not actually the case.

There is a world of difference.

If you have your cards read by a beginning tarot reader then you are quite likely to receive just a ‘tarot reading’. This would be the reader relating to you just the basic traditional meaning of the tarot cards as if learned off by heart from a book . There is no real intuition or psychic ability involved.

You can also find this type of reading on automated free tarot reading software online. Whilst it may be fun to do for a few minutes, this will not give you much insight or accuracy into your future.

Nor is it helpful if you have problems or would like some accurate insight into a future path you are considering taking.

A psychic tarot reading such as I carry out in email readings is not all the same. You will be consulting with an experienced reader who has spent many years honing her psychic skills and using her natural intution (sixth sense) to intrepret the correct meanings of a tarot card or a group of cards.  You see all tarot cards are multi-layered in meanings and it’s important that the right meaning is assigned for the particular person who is having the reading. The same card will not have the same meaning to another person!

Also when I read the cards, I also read them clairvoyantly, the tarot cards images stimulate my intution and bring out various ideas and psychic flashes which add further insight to the reading.

So do make your choice of reader carefully if you don’t want to waste your time or money!


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Astrology: Love Predictions for 2015

Did  you know that astrologically your chances of attracting  new love are higher at certain times of they year? This is dependent on when Venus (known as the planet of love) is in your own zodiac sign, or in your seventh house (the house of marriage and partnerships). venus

From now until the end of 2015 these are the best time to find love:

  • Aries: Early March, June to early September, November
  • Taurus: Late March/early April, October, December
  • Gemini: Late April, November
  • Cancer:  May, December
  • Leo:  January, June to early September
  • Virgo: February, October
  • Libra:  January, early March, November
  • Scorpio:  February, late March
  • Sagittarius:  Early March
  • Capricorn:  Late March/early April, May
  • Aquarius:  January, April, June to early September
  • Pisces: February, May


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