Mark Owen: Astrological Year Ahead

mark owenHappy Birthday to Take That singer Mark Owen, who turns 43 today.
As an Aquarian, Mark is bound to have a rebellious side, and a tendency to self-sabotage. And this may explain his fall from grace several years ago, when his life descended into chaos .
However, like all born under this zodiac influence, he also has a talent for reinventing himself and pulling back from the brink, and he has now thankfully got his life back together. He’s quit the booze and sorted out his financial woes! Though he still has much to apologise for, to the women who have loved him.
Aquarians tend to be idealistic and greatly moved by humanitarian causes, so with certain dynamic planetary activity in his chart this year, we are likely to see Mark involving himself in a charitable cause that has touched him emotionally. This may involve a charity connected with children’s health.

With the Sun entering his money house, on the 18th of February, his financial success is likely to reach a peak, and he may be investing in a property close to water – a natural drawn being born under the sign of the water-bearer.
Jupiter and Uranus are also making fabulous aspects in Mark’s chart for the year ahead, and this shows he will spend a lot of time travelling – and it’s possible one of his trips may be of interest to a documentary film maker. He’s also likely to take his music in a completely different direction too with a joint collaboration with another well-known singer.
Jupiter also moves into his 8th house of transformation on August 11th and spends the rest of the year there. This signals the potential for a surprising change in his ‘romantic life’ He could also be showing a strong interest in spiritual subjects such as ‘meditation’ and all things mystical.

Crystal Power To Attract New Love

stibniteDon’t be lonely this coming Valentine’s Day.

Crystals are renown for their healing energies and the ability to attract all manner of good fortune into our lives.

To help find new love, try Hematite, imperial topaz, magnetite or stibnite to help attract a new partner.

Carry the crystal with you daily. If you have a breast pocket in your blouse or coat, it’s even better if you carry it there, close to your heart.

Crystal energies can be remarkably powerful, so don’t be surprised if you find that more than one person is directing lots of warmth and interest in your direction within a few days of starting to use.

Here’s a link to my popular psychic romance reading if you’d love to find out when new love is set to enter your life. Find out who, when, where!

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Make A Wish Box and Make All Your Wishes Come True

wish boxFind a box that you like, it can be made from anything, an old chocolate box, or a small wooden box will do. Many people prefer wood as it protects from outside negative influences and is also said to attract good energies.

You can also personalise it in anyway that you like too  to make it extra special.
And then make a small slit in the top through which you can pop in your wishes as they occur to you.

Next place inside something that you desire,for example a photo of your dream house, a fabulous holiday destination, or your dream man/woman.
You can also write down your wish on a piece of paper too. Be sure to add as much detail as possible. The more specific you are as to what exactly you want, the more likely you are to get it! And remember, no wish is too big or to small for your wish box. The more you believe your wishes can true, then the more chance they will. It’s based on the Law of Attraction also known as Cosmic Ordering ( you can read about this here). This is a way of focusing energy and visualising just exactly what kind of outcome you would like to attract into your life. Many people have found this method to be extremely effective and have attracted all kind of fabulous opportunities and abundance into their life.
And yes it’s ok to add as many wishes as you like to the wish box!
And then all you have to do is leave the Universe to do the rest.
Check back from time to time to see how many of your wishes have come true.

Celebrity Astrology – Benedict Cumberbatch

bennyGood looking actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA Sherlock Holmes star -is hot news right now. He’s the media’s darling.

I’ve been having a quick peek into his birth chart for a little planetary insight into what 2015 holds for him. And this is what I found.

As a Cancerian Bendict’s career has been prominent since the beginning of the year. But watch out for a career high around the 20th March when a solar eclipse foretells of changes with a strange twist. He could surprise or more likely shock all by a decision he makes about his future film and TV career!

With the eclipse occurring right on the border or cusp of his 9th house(This house defines the quest to expand the horizons) and 10th house (social status) – there could also around this time be a personal melodrama for Benedict. Watch what the papers say around this date!

You  heard it here first.