Tarot cards and the four seasons

Did you know that the Minor Arcana tarot cards can be used as a timing devize to represent the four seasons in a year?

four of wandsTarot readers may have different ideas as to which tarot suit might refer to which season and, like everything in Tarot, you will have to follow your own personal instincts on this. However, I’m offering the following ideas which are  purely personal based on years of experience.

Spring: Wands: The Wands cards are illustrated with sprouting branches, so what better symbol than ‘spring time’ when nature renews everything and buds begin to burst forth on trees once again.

Summer: Cups:  The idea of fruition, fullness, warmth, and joy which are associated with these cards link well with the hot lazy days of summer

Autumn: Pentacles: These cards have a feeling of wealth, resources, and preservation which seem to fit well with the abundance associated with ‘harvest’ time and the gathering in of crops

Winter: Swords: The qualities of sadness, loss, fear, pain and rejection which are associated with so many of these cards have a  feeling of the desolate coldness of winter about them

Can a one card tarot reading predict your future?

four of wandsTarot is an amazing tool to gain insight into both your near and distance future.

And the best thing is, you needn’t use all 78 cards to do this. A one card tarot reading can still be predictive and offer you plenty of insight.

Here’s how:

Tarot card of the day: This one tarot card represents a daily guide. It may point out an opportunity, a task, or a simply some aspect that needs your attention that day. You can see this card, as being like your daily guardian angel or companion, tipping you off from a different dimension.

Tarot card of the week: This card highlights the topic of the week. It is as if you are taking a magnifying glass and seeing your week head magnified many times. For instance if you have meetings  of any kind planned in the coming week, the tarot card of the week will more than likely offer you advice on the best approach.

Tarot card of the month: This provides an outline on  how the next four weeks are likely to be, it will zoom in on what’s going to be the most important area of your life and how it is all likely to play out.

What’s the best way to perform a one card tarot reading?

Take your time and make sure that you sitting comfortably, but alert. Try to breathe freely. Now just listen – not outwardly, but inwardly. Think about anything that it is on your mind, for the day, week or month ahead.

Now shuffle all 78 tarot cards.

Make sure the images remain face down, so that you do not see them.

Now draw your one tarot card.

Place the single card face down in front of you and turn.

Study the image of the card carefully, what immediately comes into your mind as you look at it? You will find that usually the first thought that pops into your mind as the image speaks to you is likely to be the most important. Trust your instincts as you study the card further and listen carefully to the wisdom that the tarot wishes to share with you.

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Can tarot predict the future?





Your Free Monthly Tarotscope

Cosmic overview
venusFebruary brings us the day for lovers, Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, this year Venus planet of love, passionate Mars and dreamy Neptune, will all have arrived in the sign of Pisces by February 14th. This cosmic alignment increases the chance of  success in love, marriage proposals, and reconnecting with old flames! Pisces is the sign of universal love, and it’s ruler, Neptune, is said to be a ‘higher vibration’ of Venus. With Mars in the mix, there’s a fair amount of physical attraction likely to play it’s part in love connections. So expect to feel especially drawn to strangers  that you meet socially this coming month.  The only note of caution is that, Mercury is retrograde until February 11th, so do be sure to drive carefully, and read all documents carefully before agreeing to or signing any financial committments.
Tarotscope is a monthly forecast based on your zodiac sign. Each month I intuitively choose one tarot card for each of the twelve signs, to offer you the ancient wisdom and guidance of the tarot. Tarot is, of course, well-known for being eerily accurate, even when the messages it provides doesn’t immediately make sense.  You see tarot is like a mirror, it never lies, it can only reflect the truth in our lives whether we are prepared to accept it or not.

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Aries: 21st March – 20th April
Tarot card for the month Nine of Pentacles
As an ambitious Arian you will start to see your hard work pay off this month, as the nine of pentacles carries the message that money and success is soon on its way to you. With strong connections with your home environment this card may see you sprucing yours up and splashing a bit of that hard earned cash. Harmony and co-operation amongst family members is likely to reign this month too, so if you need help in any way, then you will find them more than willing to accommodate.
Taurus 21st April – 21 May
Tarot  card for the month Page of Swords
Stubbornness is unfortunately one of the Taurean traits, and the Page of Swords with its image of a character ready for battle suggests that you are in no mood to back down on a personal issue. However, cosmic advise is to be more flexible if you wish to preserve harmony .On the positive side there could be good news about a business or job opportunity by the end of the month. This card has links to gossip and rumour, be  cautious who you confide personal life too.
Gemini 22nd May – 21 June
Tarot for the month: The High Priestess
As a Gemini you generally enjoy a bit of sparkle and fun in your life – however, the wise High Priestess card suggests it’s important to take life a bit more seriously this coming month. Listen carefully to your intuition as someone seems determined to cut you out of the loop about a matter that is important to you. With links to the world of learning and education the Priestess encourages you to sign up for a training course that may be to enhance your long-term career prospects.

Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July
Tarot card  for the month: Judgement
Judgement can be a card about jumping to conclusions, decisions and judgements. which are too hastily made. If you are prone to such things,  this card is a clear signal to slow down and give things more thought, and also to give someone close the benefit of the doubt!” This can also be a time of spiritual awakening for you and you may feel drawn to all things mystical and magical. With Judgement’s links to legal matters – expect to add your signature to official forms.
Leo 23rd July – 23rd August
Tarot card for the month The Empress
As a Leo you are likely to treat yourself to something special when you are having one of your emotional melt downs which in turn could lead to cash shortfalls. However, the Empress card has strong links to abundance. So she hints that fate will be on your side and deliver a small windfall to your door that boosts your finances.
Connected with motherhood – you may find that your own mother is very much on your mind this month, you may have concerns for her, or you could just be feeling the need to re-connect with her emotionally.
Virgo 24th August – 22nd September
Tarot card for the month Ace of Cups
Your cup bubbles over with happiness this month Virgo. Romance and time spent with friends will lift your spirits, so make sure to take up all social invitations that come your way. And there could be a special invite to an official celebration, possibly  held close to water. Abandon your normal Virgo reserve and do something spontaneous and let others see that you really do have a fun, carefree side. Connected with pregnancy this lovely card also foretells of one, so you yourself, may be in an extremely fertile period this month, or alternatively you may have a friend or relative sharing happy news of a recent conception.

Libra 23rd September – 23rd October.
Tarot card for the month The Fool
You’re not normally known for being impulsive, but more for carefully calculating the risks to even the simplest of situations. However, the chance taker Fool tarot card, encourages you this month not to ignore opportunities because you need to take time to consider. A new job opportunity will only be around a short time – take advantage whilst you can.
Expect a secret admirer not to remain so secret this month too. He will be persist and not easily ignored. He could have links to the world of music or acting.
Scorpio 24 October – 22nd November
Tarot card for the month: Knight of Pentacles
All four of the tarot’s knights indicate a certain restlessness of the soul, so this month you may be find yourself constantly daydreaming about changing your life. With connections with travel, this card may foretell of a desire to set down new roots, or explore more of the world. You may be researching how this is possible for you. This card shows us a dark haired knight holding a shining golden coin. This puts the spotlight on your financial situation. Scorpio’s are usually fairly good with money, and especially at earning their own, so you could find an upturn in your finances this month, due to your sheer hard work and enterprise. If you are the market for a part time job, then you are likely to meet with some success. If you are single, a dark haired young man with a cautious nature could be set to enter your life around the mid-month point.

Sagittarius 23rd November – 21st December
Tarot card for the month Eight of Wands
As a freedom loving Sagittarian you’ll be pleased to learn that the energetic eight of wands indicates an expansion of your horizons (you were feeling a bit tied down anyway weren’t you?) This will take the form of mind broadening experiences and new people. Travel is more than likely and among the new faces and places there may well be friendship and love to be found. If you’ve been waiting for news or something in particular to happen, the all action eight of wands, foretells that things will soon get moving forward after a period of delay.
Capricorn 22nd December 20 January –Tarot card of the month: Ten of Cups
Lucky you, Capricorn – the good fairy is set to visit you this month. In tarot the ten of cups is sometimes called in a ‘wish’ card so you can expect to get your wish on something that is very important to you personally. But be careful what you wish for though – it’s just the one wish!

Aquarius 21 January- 18th February
Tarot card for the month – Wheel of Fortune  Happy birthday Aquarius!
The energetic Wheel of Fortune in tarot is a card of ‘fate and chance’ and is indicating that fate is about to take a hand in your affairs –improving your life for the better throughout the month of February. And with strong astrological links to the planet Jupiter, known as the golden planet of luck, expect more than one lucky co-incidence to occur in your life. Be sure to enter competitions around this time too, as you could be a winner!
As this card also has strong links to finances, it turns the spotlight on  money matters, and the need to focus on long term finances. I find from experience that this  card often has links to theme parks, and fairgrounds,  so you may be visiting one before the month is out.

Pisces:19th February – 20th March

Tarot card of the month:  The Magician
The Magician tarot card is all about achievement and empowerment. So you will probably get more done this month than you have in quite some time. Your energy levels are rising and what once seemed a chore now no longer seems this way and you tick off one job after the other, as you complete.
This card always foretells of new opportunities too, so if you are working, expect the chance for promotion soon, or you may spot your ideal job being advertised. If the latter be the case, do be sure to apply, as your chances of success are high this month.
For those of you who are single, the Magician, usually indicates that a charismatic man is about to cast a magical spell over you. Trips to theatres, films and comedy shows too are also foretold by this theatrical card.


What does the Lovers tarot card mean?

the-loversThis well-known Tarot card like all tarot cards is multi-layered in meaning.
But today we will be examining the classic meaning, i.e, problems within a love relationship.
I usually see this card in relation to a ‘love triangle’ going on in the life in of the person who is having the reading.
I like to link this idea with the famous quote by the late Princess Diana: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded. ”
So it is more than likely that there is a negative outside influence, affecting the future outcome of the relationship in question.

This may be something that is already suspected about a partner, and in this case the card confirms the fact.

But it can also suggest that the person who is having the reading is not being ‘faithful’ to their partner. And in this case the tarot card is fortelling that soon an important choice will have to be made, as to which person they wish to disappoint. Often though fate will play a part in this and their hand will be forced – the situation is not set to continue for too long.

If this card keeps appearing in your tarot reading, you really need to pay heed to your love relationship, as it is likely that harmony does not prevail there.

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