Which tarot cards say you are stressed?

‘Stress’ is something most of us experience in our lives on a daily basis.
But there can be a fine line between just feeling the ‘pressure’ and suffering from what is termed as  ‘stress’. We are talking about the kind of stress that makes it difficult for us to remain positive and cope with all our responsibilities. The kind of stress that makes it difficult to function effectively!
I find that tarot cards quickly reveal to me when someone is ‘stressed’. After all tarot is a like a mirror – it reflects the truth in our lives.
four of swordsSo which tarot cards can indicate ‘stress’?
It must be remembered that all tarot cards are multi-layered in meaning and the experienced tarot reader feels intuitively which meaning is appropriate for that particular reading. So just because I see these cards in some situations associated with stress, doesn’t mean that this meaning applies every time!
There are of course alternative meanings, but as expressed it is up to the tarot reader to decide which fits.
Four of Swords:
The image shows us a knight resting peacefully on a tomb. There is a sense of, stillness and calm. You could almost hear a pin drop couldn’t you, if you were present. The tarot are saying to you, this is what you need to actively seek out in your life. If you can arrange some time to yourself just to be at ‘peace’ and preferable do ‘nothing at all’ even if it only for a few hours you will benefit for it.

I find this tarot card appears often in a tarot reading when the person having the reading has been going through a difficult time emotionally.

temperance tarot card

temperance tarot card

As the image shows us angel pouring water between two cups, it is about getting the right balance in our lives. You may have had a long period of strain or you could have been overdoing work and play, literally burning the candle at both ends.
It’s time to spend some quiet time in spiritual locations to regain a sense of perspective and still your mind.
two of pentaclesTwo of Pentacles
This image shows us a character juggling two pentacles (coins) He looks tense as if he is afraid he may drop one.
Is your life a bit of a juggling act? Have you taken too much on? Are you struggling to cope? This is one of the meaning of this busy card. It’s time to ease back off the throttle and delegate if possible. You are doing too much and it will catch up with you.
The Towerthe tower
This dramatic tarot card shows us two characters thrown from a tower as a bolt of lightning strikes. In terms of ‘stress’ this card would indicate that are close to a melt-down. The whole show is about to come tumbling down around you. To me the electric charge of the lightning, puts the focus on ‘frazzled nerves’. Does this apply to you?

Tarot card meanings: Five of Wands

The Rider Waite tarot pack by artist Pamela Coleman Smith is rich in symbolism. Coleman Smith was psychic besides being an artist and filled the cards with many ideas by using symbols, and colours.

five of wandsMy focus today is, the meaning of the  five of wands, and what the various symbols incorporated in the image may mean.

The image shows us five young men engaged in a fight with sticks (wands) Whilst a fight is taking place, the feelings of the card is ‘competitive’ rather than ‘anger’

This tarot card most basic meaning is: ‘ something of a struggle in matters of negotiation, however despite the aggravation there should be a good outcome in the end. Courage and endurance may be needed if you want to arrive where you want to be”

However, we can also pick up other clues to interpretation by looking more closely at the image.

‘The clash of the sticks’ ‘friction, heat’ differing ideas’

The age of the figures. They are youths, indicating fresh ideas and the willingness to take part in adventures.

One figure only is wearing a hat, a red one. Red symbolises energy and passion. The hat meaning -perhaps the old saying of ‘keep it under your hat’ ‘the need for secrecy on a certain matter.’

The ground on which they fight is ‘yellow-green’ No desert is visible here as in many of the other cards. This represents fertility, a place where things can grow, here is nature and vitality.

All the figures are dressed in different coloured clothing, representing the different aspects of their will. Their determination, the continual process of comparing and testing each other.

The blue sky background of this tarot card – the heavens, the divine relam and the realm of the will. Clear thinking.


Which tarot books are best for beginners?

fortune tellingWhich tarot books are best to read if you are a beginner and keen to learn about the tarot?

Well if you have done a little research already you will have found that there are literally hundreds (and even thousands) of tarot books available on the market today. All easily acquired by logging onto book giant, Amazon. A quck click to the ‘buy now button’ and the tarot book can be downloaded to your Kindle in second,s or in the post that day winging its way to you.

When I was just starting out learning to read tarot cards over 30 years ago, the world was a very different place. Books were only available at local bookshops or the library.

But books on tarot and other occult subjects were few and far between. And living out in the sticks so to speak, they were impossible to get hold off. I could  find astrology books at my local library but nothing at all on tarot.

So I had to contact an occult specialist book seller in Leeds or London and ask for their book list so I could order a tarot book. The whole process could take up to a month to get the book you wanted. Hard to imagine these days the effort that one had to go to get a particular sought after book!

So what books did I start out with to learn my craft?

My first ever tarot book and one I still count as excellent for a beginning tarot reader is, ‘Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards’ by Sasha Fenton.  The book whilst over 30 years old is still relevant and contains valauble information that is sure to set you on the  right road to developing your tarot reading skills.

Sasha was a big name back in the 70s and early 80s, she was a well-known psychic/astrologer who wrote astrology columns for several national women’s magazine. The knowledge she shares in her books are from her many years of experience as a professional psychic tarot reader.

I still use some of the interpretations she suggested for the tarot cards even today.

I also purchased her follow up book ‘Super Tarot’. This is an excellent book also, that helps build on existing tarot skills and further your knowledge.

maddieAnother bookwhich impressed me back then was, ‘The Prediction Book of the Tarot’ by Madeline Montalban. This one is probably better consulted for those who are more experienced and want to get indepth insight into the mysteries of the tarot.

Madeline Montalban was someone who began her psychic career back in the 1920s and was an associate of many of the well-known occultists of the day. Her knowledge and insight of ‘tarot’ was impressiv,e and has given me many new thoughts and ideas on tarot card interpretations.

Over the years I lost thel book I had orginally owned, but was pleased to be able to re-aquire it on Amazon a few months ago, just for a couple of pounds. I’ve been happily re-reading it since.

So there you go, a few suggestions should you be looking for a few pointers as to what tarot books you should start out with. All may have been published many years ago, but they still contain extremely useful information.

Good luck with your tarot studies.



Which tarot cards represent travel?

eight of wandsAll tarot cards are of course, multi-layered in meaning, but I find that certain cards turn up time and time again, when the person who is having the reading is set to ‘travel’

So which tarot cards are they?

The tarot knights: if you think of a knight what do you think of? A rider on horseback? So it’s logical that the restless tarot knights represent journeys both near and far.

To have more than one knight in your tarot spread may indicate a year ahead where you are likely to be on the road a lot, or making several trips away.

Eight of Wands: Eight wands fly through the air – there is a feeling of action and speed. My experience has taught me that this card usually represents ‘air travel’ and often it can be unexpected travel too, so watch out for a surprise journey!

Six of Swords: A boatman ferries two people across a still lake. Travel by water or a journey to a cold country is a strong possibility.

The Chariot: A charioteer drives two horses forward with determination. Movement and change. Travel and transport are all strongly associated with this energetic tarot card.