What do the 12 astrological houses represent?

astrologyThere are 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 houses of experience. The 12 signs represent personality types and ways in which a given planet expresses itself, the 12 houses show ‘where’ in your life this expression takes place.  Each house has a different area of interest. A house can become potent and important – a house of power – in different ways; if it contains the Sun, the Moon, or the ‘ruler’ of your chart; if it contains more than one planet; or if the ruler of that house is receiving unusual stimulation from other planets.

So here are the brief meanings of the 12 astrological houses:

1st House: Represents personal image and your approach to life

2nd House: Money/Finance

3rd House: Communication and communication in particular with those that are closest to us

4th House: Home and Family

5th House: Children, Fun, Games, Creativity, and Love Affairs

6th House: Health and Work

7th House: Love, Marriage, and Social Activities

8th House: Transformation and Regeneration

9th House: Religion, Foreign Travel, Higher Education and Philosophy

10th House: Career

11th House: Friends, Group Activities, Hopes and Dreams

12th House: Spirituality.


Feng Shui Love Tips: ‘Yang Chi’ To Find a Husband:

couple kissSingle women who live alone and who are looking for love and marriage, should reinforce the masculine yang intensity of the energies in their home, says Feng Shui guru, Lillian Too.

One way to ensure this says Lillian, is to place a bright lamp in the south west corners of the living room and bedroom. Paintings and any decorative art in the home should also symbolize male stamina, hang photographs, or painting of your favourite hero, such as male movie stars, etc.  Place them near objects or textures that you like, so that person will fit into your lifestyle. Paintings that suggest love and romance, with a couple pictured in them, should also occasionally be displayed, as they lend balance to the energies.

Lillian also advices putting these further energizing ideas into practice in the living room rather than the bedroom. This is to guard against making your bedroom too yang, as this encourages aggression in the search for a  mate, possibly deterring potential love interests.

Nine of Wands: Tarot card meanings

nine of wands;As a professional psychic tarot reader, I have to say that  tarot’s ‘nine of wands’ is a card that particularly fascinates me.

The image shows us a warrior. He wears a bandage on his head (said to represent a psychic scar by A.E. Waite) He looks troubled as he gazes watchfully into the distance.

All tarot cards are multi-layered in meaning and so is the nine of wands. But to me I feel the card is sending a warning to be cautious- you have enemies, and not necessarily who you may at first suspect. You have fought battles in the past and unfortunately they are not yet over!  On the strength of this card I would advise any client of mine to remain on their guard in both personal and business dealing.

This is not to say that you should go around being parnoid but none the less be aware that there is a threat to your sense of security and also emotional well-being.

Daffodils For Good Fortune

mini daffsWell, March is here and spring is just around the corner.
I’ve just bought a few pots of mini daffs to brighten up my window sill. I think you will agree that these cheerful flowers lift your spirits just by seeing them. And of course, they serve as a reminder too, that the cold days of winter are now drawing to a close. But did you know as well as being such pretty flowers, that folklore says that, if you give daffs as a gift to someone, they will bring good fortune to both the giver and the receiver? What a good reason to spread the cheer!