What Does It Mean to Dream about Angels?

archangel michaelAngels are celestial messengers sent to guard over us. Traditionally dreams about angels are considered to be fortunate dreams and thought to predict good fortune for you in all areas of your life.

Dreaming about several angels is said to mean that you will receive an inheritance and if an angel enters your home in a dream, you will be wealthy.

But I personally believe that if you dream about angels, then it may because you are in need of some special support in your life for problems that you are currently experiencing. I also feel that angels appear in your dreams when something is missing from your life spiritually.

So if an angel speaks to you in a dream –  do take careful note of the words spoken, as these will  offer you loving spiritual guidance to help you should  you be struggling a little emotionally. The words spoken by the angels, may also be to help you discover your true ‘life purpose’ So many people these days are searching desperately to find a more meaningful way of life.  Angels messages in dreams can certainly help light our way ahead and reach our full potential in life

Have you ever had any dreams about angels

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The Voice in the Tarot card

nine of pentaclesI was reading in a book by American authors, Ruth Ann Amberstone and Wald Amberstone, about a tarot technique called, ‘The Voice in the Tarot cards’

What’s that about I thought.

It turned out to be just  a technique that I already make use of when interpreting a tarot reading for a client. However, the twosome have given it this mysterious name.

To use this technique you draw a tarot card and then let your eyes wander over all the images in the card. Eventually, your attention will be caught by a small detail in the picture. That detail will have a specific message for the person having the reading – a meaning that most likely will have nothing to do with traditional age old meaning of the tarot card.

For example in the 9 of Pentacles, there is a small snail in the left corner of the card that may have caught your eye, the message may involve slowing down, or having patience for a plan to complete!

I remember once whilst undertaking a 1-2-1 tarot reading for a client, I was very much drawn to the knee area on the Emperor card, and I felt compelled to ask whether the client had experienced any problems with their knees of late. I wasn’t surprised to hear that they were awaiting an operation for damage to the cruciate ligament in one of the knee caps!

So you  see this technique is really quite simple, and the more you work with tarot cards the easier it will become.

The details in the tarot cards will always give you an important piece of knowledge about the person. It will give you information you wouldn’t know by just looking at them!

The authors give three guidelines for reading tarot his way.

1. Let the message be true

2. Let it be useful

3. If possible, let the message be surprising.

Try it for yourself if you enjoy reading tarot cards, I think you will find that it does work.


How to read tarot cards

four of swordsThere are many different schools of thought on how to read Tarot cards.

But if truth be told, there is no ‘right or wrong’ way.

When undertaking readings with Tarot cards, the cards themselves serve two functions. The first is to provide a focus for any natural psychic or intuitive ability that you may have. The second is to give you a vocabulary of interpretations and symbols to help you express your impressions.

This vocabulary comes from several different sources. There are many Tarotists (tarot experts) and book authors who have taken time to write out and publish their own interpretations. Read as many of these as you like, but do accept that no one author has the last word on the true meaning of any card. What you need to do it consider all options and find the meaning that works best for you.

But remember of course, that every reading is different, and whilst a certain tarot card may mean one thing in a particular reading, it is unlikely to mean the same thing in another one. Tarot is a highly intuitive art form.

There are also symbol dictionaries that are good resources for adding to your understanding of particular pictorial elements of the cards. There will be times when a detail in the card will hold the message that you really need to be aware of. That message will most likely have nothing to do with any standard interpretation of the card.

The main thing is for you to be flexible, be willing to learn as much as you can, and trust yourself.

Tarot card meanings: Meanings of colours in tarot cards

the foolTarot cards are such a mystery. There is so much intricate detail in each tarot card in the Rider Waite pack, that it would take many years of study to even scratch the surface of what the gifted psychic/artist Pamela Coleman Smith, tired to convey when she designed the evocative images.

In this article we will be looking at what the background colours of the tarot cards could mean. Whilst these suggestions may be helpful, naturally each tarot reading will have it’s own special meaning particular to the circumstances of the person seeking the reading.


White: the starting point (like a blank sheet of paper) or completion and healing. Emptiness. Purity.

Grey: Unconscious state (in a psychological sense the ‘shadow’) or conscious indifference, i.e. equivalence or lack of prejudice.

Black: The unknown, mental or emotional darkness, death Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power.

Red: heart, love, passion, anger, and blood

Yellow: Consciousness, joie-de-vivre (enjoyment of life)

Gold: Sun, conscious, eternity, greed. Abundance, prosperity.

Orange: Vitality, warmth, enthusiasm

Blue: Indifference, coolness, longing, the blues, sentimentality. Loyalty.

Light blue: air (open) sky/heavens, water, spirituality

Green: Freshness, youth, inexperience, immaturity

Brown: Down-to-earth, grounded, of creation

Violet: Borderline experience, imagination, spirituality.