Broken Mirror Spell – Remove Bad Luck


Broken Mirror  Spell

If you are superstitious and you break a mirror don’t worry, the simple spell detailed below, cancels out any negativity associated with this action.

Gather together (carefully of course!) all the broken pieces and bury them outside under the light of the moon.
Afterwards light a candle and place it on top of where you have buried the pieces, and say: ” Bad luck be broken as these words are spoken, So Mote It Be. Blessed It Be. ” Then allow the candle to burn down.

Any negative energy which has been released will then be cancelled out ☆

What does the shape of your eyes say about your personality?

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So what does your eye shape say about you? In the Ancient Art, of Chinese Face Reading, the eyes are said to reveal the most about a person’s character.  Find out now what your eye shape means,  by scrolling down the page to find your particular eye shape.

Large eyes: Someone with naturally large eyes, is said to have an open friendly nature. She likes to view life from a wide perspective and enjoys plenty of variety in her life. She certainly doesn’t like to be tied down by trivial details and petty restrictions

Small eyes: When someone has small eyes, she is said to be skilled at concentrating on details. She tends to view life from a narrow perspective, so she excels at being a specialist, i.e. teacher, researcher or some kind of expert. She finds it difficult to open up emotionally to strangers so it can take a while to get to know her well.

Widely spaced eyes: Someone with widely spaced eyes (the late Jackie O was well-known for this trait) is said to be broad minded and versatile. She enjoys discussing a wide variety of topics because she’s interested in so many different issues and ideas.

Closely spaced eyes: The person whose eyes are closely spaced, so that there is very little gap between the inner corner of her eyes and the bridge of her nose, likes to look at life in great detail and may be something of a ‘fusspot’. They have a tendency to be obsessive and narrow-minded. Regular routine is the life-blood of their day

Deep-set eyes: The person with deep set eyes is very private and reluctant to reveal to much of her personality to others. She likes to play her cards close to her chest, which can make her seem rather secretive at times and perhaps at times emotionally withdrawn.

Protruding eyes: When someone’s eyes appear to bulge outwards, she is enthusiastic and curious about the world. She is very versatile and is easily bored, so can find it difficult to stick to one activity for long

Upward slanting eyes: When the outer corner of someone’s eyes slant upwards like those of a cat, the person is by nature an optimist,positive and also said to be an opportunist. So she knows what she wants from life and is not afraid to ask for it.

Downward slanting eyes: When the corner of the eye slant downwards, the person finds it hard stand up to other people. She may also have pessimistic tendencies.

Unevenly set eyes: When someone’s eyes aren’t level, so one is higher than the other, it shows that she has an unusual and unorthodox approach to life. She has tremendous insight, and is able to anaylze situations from a unique perspective.

Irises: Pay attention to the size and position of the iris within an eye. A large iris, so that little of the white is visible indicates someone who’s very emotional, demonstrative and kind. Ifeye shape the white of the eye is visible about the iris, the person is said to have a quick temper and should therefore be handled with care. If the white of the eye is visible below the iris, the person is hard to please and has difficulty coping with life.

Eyebrows: Don’t forget to look at the person’s eyebrows as well. These frame the face and give it structure. Some people, both male and female, like to pluck their eyebrows so you must take this into account. The stronger and longer the eyebrow, the more strength and vitality a person is said to have. She’s energetic, and ambitious with a vibrant and powerful personality.

Alternatively, someone with naturally sparse, thin, or short eyebrows makes less of an impression on the world and may also be less physically robust.

Free magic spell to bring back your ex

marry meThis simple and effective spell is ideal if your ex has been back in touch, and is perhaps indicating directly or indirectly that he still has feeling for you.  It  will gently help restore harmony between you and bring you back together quickly.




Obtain a blue candle, inscribe his name on it and let it burn down. As it burns down say the chant listed below two or three times. This spell chant is not unethical in any way as it only builds on theblue candle idea of ‘getting back together’ if this is what  is already on his mind. Only you can judge this. 

“If you are turning towards me, know that I turn also to you and come to me in love.

“If you are thinking of me, know that I think also of you and come to me in love.

“If  you are saying my name, know that I say your name and call you to me, and come to me in love ”

Then say your ex’s name three times to complete the ritual

Once the ritual is complete ‘blow out the candle’ and await the results.

© Linda:


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Angel feather colours and meanings

angel feathers one

We are all used to the idea that finding a white feather is a sign from angels, but angels also leave feathers of other colours to send us a special message too.

Here are the meaning of the different colours of feathers left by the angels:

White:  The most common of angel gifts, ‘I am around you, everything will be OK’

Black:  Most often found during times of crisis. ‘I am aware of your current life difficulties and I’m helping and supporting you’

Yellow:  ‘Congratulations! Things are going well right now.’

Pink:  ‘Surprise! Your angels are joining in with the fun in your life or maybe having a little joke – they will laugh with you but never at you.’

Blue:  ‘Time for calm and peace in your life. ‘Find space in your life for serenity by taking a walk by water or meditating.

Red:  ‘Passion and love. ‘We are helping with matters of the heart’

Green:  ‘Your angels send you healing.’ Help by taking good care of your spiritual and bodily well-being.

Grey:   ‘Although things seem quiet right now, we are working on the problem. Be ready for our signs soon.’ Follow your angels’ guidance and be patient while they put things in place for you.

Have you found any coloured feathers lately?

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