White Magic Spell For A Happy Home

This lovely spell is both simple and effective. It is ideal if there have been emotional upsets in your home either recently or in the past. It works by lifting the atmosphere, and replacing any negativity with calm and optimism for a happier future.

orange candlesYou will need the following:

2 Orange Candles

A handful of lavender.


To cast the spell:

Sprinkle the dried lavender around the edges of your main living area and then light the candles.

Repeat 7 times:

This spell please bless

This house with happiness

So Mote It Be. Blessed Be.

Allow the candles to burn down (do not of course leave them unattended for safety reasons)

This spell can be worked weekly for a few weeks, if there has been a prolonged period of problems.

Daily Astrology Forecast for you: July 28th 2015


lunar trineA day for ‘career’ luck and ‘romance and passion’

Read more below now:

The Moon makes it’s way into ambitious sign of Capricorn this afternoon. This aspect makes for a perfect time to apply for new career posts, or to show your present employers that you are more than capable of dealing with responsibilities and deserve ‘promotion’.

If you are not out in the working world then this ‘influence’ encourages you to put any ideas of self-employment that you may have been ‘kicking around’ in your mind into ‘action’. Fate  usually rewards ‘those who are willing to take a chance’.

But it’s not all work, work, work, today, a lunar trine with sensual Venus, planet of love, foretells that whether single or part of a couple, your romantic needs are more than likely to be met,  And should you have a secret  attraction to someone in particular this ‘hot’ astrological aspect supports you in ‘getting just what you want !  So don’t be afraid to make your feelings known  to your particular love interest, as they are more than likely to be mutual

Daily Astrology Forecast

moon in scorpioThe Moon is in the mysterious and secretive sign of ‘Scorpio’ all day. This complex aspect speaks of ‘things that you need to know and which are currently hidden from you.

This is a good day therefore to trust your intuition and you will be right. There is much more to a situation (this feels sort of work related) than you are currently aware.

The Moon of course, is also about intense feelings, so personal (love) relationships may be very much in the spotlight today. You may also find yourself strangely attracted to a stranger you meet or come across in your daily activities. It feels almost as if you’ve met before in another lifetime, and indeed you might have!

A Simple Spell To Find Out The Truth

red candleDo you feel that there is more to a situation than you are being led to believe? Do you sense that someone may be outright ‘lying’ to you?

It’s not a nice feeling at all is it?

But don’t worry this simple, White Magic Spell, will help you uncover the truth quickly.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A handful of thyme (easily available supermarkets, the dried version will do)
  • A red  candle
  • A flat dish on which to put the herbs

To carry out the spell   dried

  • Place the thyme into the dish and say: 

“Clarification I now require So that truth is spoken. Let what is hidden now be  brought into the open. So Mote it Be. Blessed Be.”

  • Light the candle and say:

“Speak truth with passion And goodbye to caution As the truth is said, may I not be misled.”

  • Allow the candle to burn down until the wax -drips into the herbs.
  • Then bury the cooled wax and herbs,  having first blown away any loose -herbs to the wind.

The herb thyme is said to bring courage, which is-often needed to bypass our natural inhibitions. The colour red often represents sexual passion, but in this case, ‘the passion’ represents the search for the truth. But remember however, that sometimes the truth can hurt, and you are now losing that protection. Good luck.


This spell is adapted (and improved) from an original article  at  Spells of Magic