Your free ‘mystical’ message

Earlier on my Facebook, page, I asked you to choose one of three cards, so that you could receive a free psychic message, to help guide and inspire you.

Please scroll down the page, to find the card number that you chose and what it means.

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Did you choose card number 1? Love Life

Love and romance may have been on your mind of late. However, the message for you depends very much on your own personal circumstances. You will know which of the ‘one’ of ‘four’ below is your message, as you will  be drawn intuitively to it.

  1. You’ve been seeing someone for a while and nothing much, seems to be happening. However, signs are hopeful and this could well happen before December is out. Be patient.

There are unspoken words between you and your partner. True feelings are being hidden. It is time to ask some questions and not be afraid of hearing the answer, if you are ever to achieve  peace of mind. There is nothing to be gained by remaining silent and pretending there is no real problem.

Someone at work, or who you come into contact with at work has ‘romantic feelings’ for you. Whether you chose to act upon them is entirely up to you.

Those of you who are single and who are looking for love, should remain optimistic, as you are soon set to enter a new cycle of romantic happiness.  Watch out for someone with an unusual occupation and who may live close to the sea.




Did you choose card number 2?  Debts Paid Off

Some of you  have been struggling financially for some time. Thankfully, this lovely card signals an impressive shift in your financial situation.

  • You’ve made a decision that you have to sort your finances out, and the Universe is now starting to respond.
  • You will be presented with opportunities to reduce your debts, including new avenues of income and inner guidance about reducing non-essential spending. As you follow these leads your financial situation will improve rapidly.
  • Lady Luck, shines down on you in the festive month, when a little bit of cash luck arrives unexpectedly.





Did you choose card number 3? Follow your dreams

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you truly want in life. We may have lots of ideas and dreams, but somehow we never get around to putting them into action. You may have many responsibilities and demands on your time, and as a result, you never get around to making them happen.

  • The Universe, and the Angels, are now urging you to ‘make things happen’. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. If you think back to a time, when you really wanted something and ‘you achieved it’, whether this be a new job/home/ romantic partner, etc. It’s because you took decisive action.
  • It’s now time to meditate on what you heart’s desire really is. Then make a list of the top five priorities in your life.
  • Next write a schedule, so that you can spend necessary time engaged in these activities. It’s now time to invest time and energy in what  makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
  • Affirmation: I deserve the best: I take charge of my schedule and my life from today.



Test your intuition

Earlier on my Facebook page, I asked you to test your intuition by choosing one of three number.

Scroll down the page to find out if the number you choose is correct and read your ‘free numerology’ prediction. Numerology, is an ancient art and is said to reveal your future by the vibration of the number.

Did you choose card number 56?

This card indicates a time when an important relationship in your life is going through a period of change.

This adjustment is necessary for the natural progression of the relationship, and the wisdom and experience gained will be of great benefit to all involved. So don’t try to resist it, acceptance is important.
Whether a child is leaving home for the first time; a partnership/friendship has ended; or a loved one, friend, co-worker, neighbour is going through a change, know that you and the other person is being guided and protected.

This card can also indicate a positive relationship change, such as a deepening of an existing relationship leading to commitment for example, a wedding or engagement.

It can also indicate the resolution of an ongoing problem or differences of opinion with a partner. If you’ve had a challenging relationship with an ex regarding a child/children, then you should find he/ahe is more co-operative and open to suggestion.

Your free Spirit Message


Earlier on my  Facebook page, I asked you to intuitively choose one of three numbers, so you could receive a free message of guidance from Spirit.

Scroll down the page to find the number your chose and read your message from the Spirit world.

Did you choose card number 1?  The Spirit

If you have felt worried of late, about what lies ahead, this card offers you reassurance from the world of Spirit, that ‘unseen forces watch over you’ and keep you and your loved ones from harm. Spirit is a watchful protector and will guide and influence you to make the right choices for a better and brighter future.

Any set-backs you’ve had of late are meant to be – all things happen for a reason. This will become clearer to you soon. Good things always come to those who wait.

Additional Message: I sense some of you may be anxiously awaiting to hear about a money concern’. If this be you, ‘news’ is coming soon and it will be in your favour. I also sense some of you may have concerns about a family member, who has not been well.  Improvements will be seen by early December, but unfortunately not an outright cure.

Did you choose card number 2? The Talisman

A talisman is a keepsake or charm, that carries with it powerful spiritual protection. It is also an omen that ‘good fortune’ is soon set to shine down on you and your loved ones. You are destined to succeed in your goals (whatever they may be).

Additional Message: For some of you I’m sensing a small windfall within the next six weeks . For singles, a meeting on a rainy weekday night, will bring you and your soul mate together – help fate along with this by being receptive to someone’s attentions who may wear a uniform for a living.  The initial ‘B’ may start the first name of this person.

Did you choose card number 3? The Mystic Circle The mystic circle represents spiritual and a belief in all things ‘psychic’. If you’ve chosen this card is confirms that you are someone who has been gifted from Spirit with the ability ‘to sense and see things’ about the future. Use your gift to help others and also to attain your dearest wish.

Additional Message: If you have a winter birthday, I sense that there will be a pleasant surprise for you  over the next few weeks, with regard to career/or studying a new course of learning. A new home with the name ‘church’ in the address, could be the dream home that some of you having been looking for.



Butterfly Spirit Guide Symbolism and Butterfly Meaning

As summer draws to a close there are  many butterflies  fluttering by.

It’s an absolute pleasure to watch them flitting about, landing on flowers helping to spread pollen from flower to flower.

But did you know that there is a deeper meaning to seeing a butterfly? Read on to learn more:

Butterfly as a spirit guide

When you see butterflies continuously it is said to be a sign from spirit, that you will be soon undergo some big changes in your life. This is because butterflies symbolize renewal and metamorphosis because of their journey from egg to pupa (the chrysalis or cocoon)  to caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

What an amazing amount of transition this tiny creature undergoes. Consider for a moment the kind of energy this expends. And all within the space of a month (the life cycle of a butterfly).  Imagine if this happened to human, most people would struggle to cope.

Herein lies the deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly. She asks us to accept the changes in our lives as easily as she does. The butterfly unquestioningly embraces the changes of her environment and her body.

This unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly encourages us to keep our faith as we undergo various transitions in our lives. She understands that our worrying and resisting changes, are useless against the ever changes forces of nature – she asks us to recognize the same.

What does it mean if a butterfly flies  into your home?

In Japanese folklore, a butterfly is said to be the ‘spirit’ of a departed loved one and they are treated with great reverence. So when one enters your home it is said to be a visit from your loved one, just as they would have visited you in their earthly life.

In Romani culture,  when a butterfly flies into your home it is said to predict that the person you most love most will soon visit.

In other traditions butterflies are said to be a symbol that good luck is coming your way soon, especially if the first butterfly you see in a year is a white butterfly.

Other nationalities believe that butterflies can predict the weather. The Zuni tribe of Native Americans believed that the colour of the first butterfly you see in a season, will indicate the weather to come. That is a white butterfly signifying the start of summer, a yellow butterfly predicting plenty of sunshine, and a black butterfly indicating stormy weather.

Red Butterflies

There are many beautiful Red Admirals around as we move towards autumn.

Some Native American tribes, believe that a red butterfly signifies a powerful soul or spirit.

Seeing a red butterfly flying near you often indicates that, important news is on the way.

It is also said to be   symbol of intense romance and passion.

In Scotland, a red butterfly was once believed to be a witch in disguise.

What have your experiences been with butterflies?