Angel Message: Positive Expectations

Angel Message From Your Angels

This is today’s angel message for you: “Keep up your hopes, dreams, affirmations, visualizations, and prayers, as they will be wonderfully manifested very soon. Do not give up five minutes right before the miracle occurs!”

“You have planted the seeds of manifestation with your positive thoughts and emotions. Yet, you may be discouraged occasionally because you are not seeing immediate results. You start to have pessimistic thoughts and wonder whether your faith is unjustified. The Angels urge you to hold on to your faith, though! Although your manifestation is taking longer than you had hoped, it is coming to you. You certainly do not want to cancel or cloud your manifestation with miscreation’s that come from negative thoughts.

At your earliest convenience, go outside in nature – even a backyard or small park will do. Send a silent message to your ‘Angels’ they are always listening. And they are skilled experts at manifestation! Tell them about your doubts, fears, and disappointments, as well as your hopes and dreams. Ask the ‘Angels’ to help you release any negativity you may have, and feel them surround you with their beautiful healing love and light. They will respond to your dearest wish….just be patient a little while longer.

I am safe, confident, and secure. I feel joyful about my future.”


Angel Message: Watch for the signs

Angel Signs

The angels are keen that you stay alert to ‘signs’  that they are around you. They are sending you blessings and answers in the form of signs in the physical world. These are messages that you see or hear repetitively.

This ‘angel’ card asks you to pay extra attention to signs, as they are part of the answer to your question. Notice anything that you see or hear three or more times. For instance, if several people recommend the same book, movie or class to you, that is a sign.

Observe unusual occurrences, such as angel shaped clouds or clusters of butterflies. Pay attention to items with a special significance, such as a loved one’s favourite song playing on the radio, or a flower that you associate with a particular person or event. These are not just a coincidence . The old adage that “coincidences are when God remains anonymous” applies here. Trust in the signs you receive and know that they are very real and meaningful to you.”

Angel Healing Message: New Beginnings in your personal life

Angel healing message

Hello again, today this lovely angel card is a harbinger of positive change coming to you. The beautiful, light-filled door opens onto a lush, rainbow-lit spring filled with vibrant lotus flowers. So whether you’re working on some inner healing, such as breaking an addiction, or looking to make some external changes, such as finding a new place to live, this card signals that your life is opening up and new opportunities are about to appear. The changes you’ve been working on are ready to blossom with wonderful results, so make sure you see your personal intentions through with continued action and optimistic expectations.

This card can also mean: You may be feeling stuck where your personal intentions are concerned. Self-mastery and discipline may be hard to achieve right now, or specific plans for personal change may be being blocked. Remember that your intentions need to be absolutely clear . You need to believe  that you are capable of achieving it and that you deserve it. Put you heart into the plans and changes you want and realize that you are worth your own time and effort. The new beginning you seek will come with your own focus and patient determination.
I am strong, focused, and self-directed. I have the power to create wonderful new realities in my life.

Love & Light,Linda


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Angel Healing Message: Difficulties will be overcome

“This angel card is a reminder from that ‘angels’ that challenges you’ve faced in recent times, have made you stronger and have taught you new lessons. Instead of becoming bitter, you’ve opened your heart with compassion toward people in similar situations. You’ve let go of any blame or feelings of victimhood. This is why you’re now overcoming your previous challenges. Your positive outlook is now attracting a loving solution and new situations at a higher level of spiritual understanding. Stay positive!”

Working with Jeremiel: Jeremiel’s name means “Mercy of God,” and when you call upon him Jeremiel delivers mercy to you and everyone involved. Jeremiel guides you and others to act in loving ways. He also helps you adopt a merciful outlook, which enables you to consistently treat yourself with respect and tender loving care.

Each archangel has a specific aura color. Jeremiel’s is deep eggplant purple. When you see sparkles of purple light, this is one way to know that Jeremiel is with you.

Each archangel has a particular type of crystal aligned with their energy, and for Jeremiel, that crystal is amethyst. When you wear an amethyst, you may feel even close to Jeremiel’s kind and loving energy.

How Archangel Jeremiel can help:

Jermiel’s name means, Mercy of God . If you call upon him, he can help you to review life and take stock of where you have been. He helps lps us to heal patterns that are no longer working. Helps us to be merciful to our self and others. Jeremiel also helps newly crossed-over souls, as well as those still living, to review their lives. Call upon Jeremiel if you wish to take an inventory of your life in order to make positive adjustments.