If you worry a lot, you need to read this tarot prediction


If you have worries, you need to read this tarot prediction.

The image of this tarot card shows us a woman sat up in bed – head in hands, in a pose of anguish. Above her nine swords hang menacingly, but you will notice that they don’t actually touch her.

This is in tarot often represents needless worrying. This tarot card speaks of how at times like many people, you may let your worries get the better of you….so it would suggest that perhaps you are currently feeling concerned or anxious about a personal matter.

The advice behind this card is , that it is important that you make an effort to try to see your worries as just that –‘worries’. You’ve had past experiences when you worried about the final outcome, but in the end most things have turned out, OK. Any worries you have about your present situation will also resolve themselves too, so relax your mind and body, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing to fear.

The number nine of the card, is the highest of the single digit numbers, and so in numerology is a number of completion. And, so it predicts, the completion of a difficult phase of your life; and a chance for a new brighter and better future. Hold onto that thought, should you find yourself worrying again.

Worry less tip:

Write your concerns down, or tell a friend, or even just confide in the mirror. the important thing is, to  just get it all OUT.

Most of this stress will ‘lift’ if you just talk it out. And with your mind clearer, you can then work out how to tackle the rest.

And remember, our greatest weapon against worry, is are ability to choose ‘more positive thoughts’ to replace the ‘worrisome ones. It may not be easy at first, but the more you try, the easier it will become.


Linda x

Free psychic predictions: Pick a Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm readingEarlier on my Facebook page, I asked you to pick a lucky charm to receive a free psychic prediction

Scroll down the page to find the charm that you chose, and receive your free prediction.

Clock:  Clocks help us manage our time. And so this charm, can symbolize for you, a feeling of time pressure – of  perhaps not ever having enough of it. If this meaning resonates with you, it may indicate a need to give yourself the gift of time. Make time to relax more, do what you really enjoy – let your mind be still (not always buzzing with thoughts.).

It may also be a nudge from the Universe, that you are becoming ‘aware’ of the passage of time. So you may be thinking along the line of, you feel are not yet where, ‘you need to be in life’. What do you need to do to change this?

Hand of Hamsa:  I always love to see this ‘charm’ when I’m doing a psychic reading. You see it’s a well-known, Middle Eastern, symbol of protection, power and strength that dates back to, ancient Mesopotamia.

But in all religions of the world, it also is seen as a symbol of powerful protection. It protects you and your loved ones from harm ,or anyone’s ill wishes towards you. So try not to worry about this kind of thing.

It is also said to bring abundance in all things, and good luck and good health, for you and those you love the most.  Very soon destiny will offer you a new opportunity to improve your circumstances. This may be  money/work related.

Cat: A cat is such a lucky symbol (once sailors used to treasure them as a protective energy against mishaps at sea), so expect a bit of ‘good fortune’ (over the next month or so). This can apply to any/or all areas of your life.

A cat is also a symbol of growing personal independence too, so the idea you will become less reliant on others to lead the way. You will be in charge of your own destiny, so to speak

Cats are also very instinctive sort of creatures and often see what humans cannot. So an omen for you to listen to your inner voice/instincts – particularly when it comes to making decisions that will have a long term effect on your life.

Finally, cats are well-known for their ‘catty behaviour’ . So this may suggest someone around you, may behaving in a way that is not good for your emotional ‘good health’. Perhaps you need to think about whether you really need this person in your life.

Turtle: Determination and Persistence

Because turtles move slowly when they walk, they are  a symbol of groundedness. Even though they are surprisingly quick when they swim, they are quite slow when they move outside of water. However, their patience and the ability to stay firm, serves them well in surviving the odds against other sea creatures. This can be symbol for us to stay strong when things are not going our way.  So if you are currently going through challenging times this is the message  your ‘lucky charm’ wishes you to take onboard today.

Additionally in ancient Japanese culture, the turtle is a symbol for wisdom, good luck, protection, and longevity.  Keep  a symbol of a turtle in your home to encourage this good chi energy to flow strongly around you and your loved ones.

Sun: Success

This is an extremely positive charm. The  Sun represents victory, happiness and success.  It predicts a reason for you to be optimistic about your future; and your ability to achieve your goals.

The Sun also has strong astrological link to ‘children’, and so, if you’ve been hoping to fall pregnant – it confirms that you will soon. You may also hear of a new baby to come within your circle of acquaintances.

And, the Sun, can also illuminate what is hidden from you. You can expect therefore that secrets and half-truths will be uncovered, giving you the valuable information you need to ‘make your choices’.

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Angel Message For You: Blossoming Abundance, Increased Blessings of Prosperity.

“This angel card shows a beautiful golden garden in the springtime with coins and new flowers, blossoming all around. They even hang like fruit on the tree above.

This card signals a new increase in wealth in your life, possibly in a dramatic and unexpected way.

Be aware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth and prosperity, much like a gardener works the ground and begins to see blooming results take hold.

This card  indicates that the Angels and Universe are blessing you and helping the fruits of your labour to blossom.

So smell the flowers and tend to the new growth. Be grateful and enjoy!


Abundant wealth blossoms all around me. I see the value in my everyday life.”

If you’ve been feeling a bit down, today’s Angel Message is For You

The ‘angels’ are aware that you may not have been feeling yourself of late. Perhaps at times you may feel overwhelmed, alone and a little lost.

So they send you this loving heavenly message today.

The angels are asking that you to try to keep an optimistic attitude as this year begins to wind down, and 2021 approaches. There is a very positive momentum beginning to build towards manifesting your dearest wishes.

And you’ll speed your dreams along by trying to keep a cheerful and confident outlook.

It may at times seem as though your plans/dreams, are taking a long time to manifest, but very soon you will see a change.  There is indeed ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Don’t allow yourself to lose hope when your dreams are so close to coming true!

You are ‘never alone’ when you have ‘angels’ by your side.

All you have to do to contact your angels, is send a silent message and they will hear you, as they are always listening. And they will then respond will their loving words of wisdom.

At first the words you hear may seem like your own voice, but the more you work with this method, the more you will notice a subtle difference and be able to more fully tune yourself to their ‘loving, heavenly guidance’.

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Blessings, Linda x