Angel Message For You: Blossoming Abundance, Increased Blessings of Prosperity.

“This angel card shows a beautiful golden garden in the springtime with coins and new flowers, blossoming all around. They even hang like fruit on the tree above.

This card signals a new increase in wealth in your life, possibly in a dramatic and unexpected way.

Be aware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth and prosperity, much like a gardener works the ground and begins to see blooming results take hold.

This card  indicates that the Angels and Universe are blessing you and helping the fruits of your labour to blossom.

So smell the flowers and tend to the new growth. Be grateful and enjoy!


Abundant wealth blossoms all around me. I see the value in my everyday life.”

If you’ve been feeling a bit down, today’s Angel Message is For You

The ‘angels’ are aware that you may not have been feeling yourself of late. Perhaps at times you may feel overwhelmed, alone and a little lost.

So they send you this loving heavenly message today.

The angels are asking that you to try to keep an optimistic attitude as this year begins to wind down, and 2021 approaches. There is a very positive momentum beginning to build towards manifesting your dearest wishes.

And you’ll speed your dreams along by trying to keep a cheerful and confident outlook.

It may at times seem as though your plans/dreams, are taking a long time to manifest, but very soon you will see a change.  There is indeed ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Don’t allow yourself to lose hope when your dreams are so close to coming true!

You are ‘never alone’ when you have ‘angels’ by your side.

All you have to do to contact your angels, is send a silent message and they will hear you, as they are always listening. And they will then respond will their loving words of wisdom.

At first the words you hear may seem like your own voice, but the more you work with this method, the more you will notice a subtle difference and be able to more fully tune yourself to their ‘loving, heavenly guidance’.

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Blessings, Linda x


Is this Angel Message For You?

I asked the ‘Angels’ for a message for you today. Here is ‘their heavenly guidance for you’.

The Angels want you to know that, your dreams are coming true. So don’t be tempted to give up right before the miracle occurs.”

Impatience often causes people to quit too soon. They lose faith in their ideas and feel like they are on the wrong path.

Just because something takes time to build up or learn, it is NOT a sign to give up.

Just because something goes ‘wrong’ or doesn’t happen as quickly as you hoped, it is NOT a sign to give up.

Nothing you want to achieve – and I mean NOTHING – will come without considerable effort. You may, of course, have a bit of good luck to begin with – but eventually, you’ll come across something which requires you to be patient, learn, test and grow.

Remember, 70% of success in life comes from  staying in the game and just showing up!  That’s because most people give up, and walk away too soon.

If this message made you think – I really needed to hear this – then ‘the Angels intended it for you.

Today’s Tarot Reading For You: November 19th

The mysterious Moon card predicts that emotions may get complicated when it comes to your relationships. The environment around you can be misleading right now,  and everything may not be as it appears.

If you’ve recently met someone new, this card encourages you to ‘do your homework’ and make sure that ‘this person’  is actually free to be with you.

You may also find that a female may give you an issue with regard to an important personal relationship. Guard your secrets carefully.

There is also a sense of uncertainty when it comes to your career path. You may not have a clear understanding of what your goals are and which direction you should follow. Misunderstandings can happen, so make sure you express yourself clearly.

Do not rush be too quick to jump to conclusions right now. Give yourself some more time to examine the situations properly.

TAROT ADVICE :This is also a card of instincts: follow your intuition. It will guide you well through the dark spots.