A Message from Archangel Michael: It’s time to leave this unhealthy situation.














Angel Message from Archangel Michael:

It’s time to leave this unhealthy situation. Archangel Michael has heard your request (or prayers) for help, and his answer comes to you through this message: LEAVE!!

You have been enduring a toxic situation for far too long, investing time and energy that is not bringing you healthful results. This experience is not beneficial for you or the other people involved. You do not need to remain in negativity. It’s time to walk away without guilt or hesitation. 

The Angels will assist you to ensure that the parting is as harmonious as possible, and Archangel Michael will shield and protect you. Follow your inner guidance every step of the way and the transition will be smooth.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, what parts of my life do I need to focus on more closely right now? Thank you for helping me hear your answers and for giving me the courage to make healthy changes in my life. 

One Minute Free Love and Romance Magical Spell


Pink roses for love spell

rose quartz to attract new love

Are you single and hoping to meet someone new soon for a love relationship?  Or are you perhaps already in a relationship, but looking for committment from your partner? If so, try this  free simple but effective ‘one minute love’ spell to make your dearest wish come true.

Here’s how:
Place a vase of fresh pink roses and a pink rose quartz crystal in your front window. The positive energies of the roses and rose quartz will then set to work to help to attract love and committment into your life.
Repeat this spell chant once a day, for a week. As you do so close your eyes and really focus on ‘what a loving and committed relationship would mean to you’
‘In love so I believe, so love I now manifest
I call upon the magical powers of north, east, south and west
Let it be so as I speak
Universe please bring into my life the lasting love that I seek.
For the highest good of all concerned.
So Mote It Be. Blessed Be.”
No other flower is as strongly associated with ‘love and romance’ than the rose. And the pink rose signifies the unification of a couple by ‘marriage’.
The rose quartz is a well-known crystal for attracting unconditional love and positive energy.

How Positive affirmations can make you feel more beautiful

How positive affirmations can make you feel more beautiful. Unhappy with your looks? Do you want to be more beautiful? Then read on:

Did you know that you can use positive affirmations to improve your confidence in your looks and make yourself feel more beautiful? It’s almost like casting a ‘glamour spell’ over yourself. After all it’s well-known that our thoughts and beliefs help shape our own reality. So it naturally makes sense that if you genuinely believe that you are ‘beautiful, then you will project this positive image onto those around you.

If you think about it, you’ve may have puzzled over people you’ve known in your life who are actually plain looking, but yet still seem to attract members of the opposite sex like bees around a honey pot. How on earth do they do it?

The reason is ‘simple’ it’s because they believe themselves to be beautiful or handsome, and this ‘self-belief’ is so strong that others around them begin to believe it too.

So it’s certainly possible to project glamour outwards through practicing simple visualization techniques immediately before you want the effect to take place. You could practice this before going out to a special event or on a first date. Or you can do it on a daily basis for a more lasting effect.

Here’s how:

First stand in front of a mirror and clear your mind. Then take three deep breaths. On the OUT breath, say to yourself that you are breathing out fear, doubt and any form of negativity.

This will include any negative comments that may have said about you in the past, as well as any negative beliefs that you currently hold about yourself about how you look.

And on the IN breath, say to yourself that you are now replacing ‘negativity’ with ‘positivity’, happiness, and total self-belief in yourself and your looks.

‘Then as you continue to gaze into the mirror try to envisage yourself the way you want to appear to others. In your mind, see your appearance subtly beginning to shift towards being beautiful.

Start small, such as making yourself seem taller and slimmer, your skin smoother and more radiant, or your lips fuller.

Positive beauty affirmations:

And then say this affirmation: “I’m comfortable with who I am, I am an attractive person, I am beautiful inside and out, I enjoy being beautiful, people are always saying how beautiful I am.

Finish by adding this little magical phrase: ‘Beauty bright and beauty right, let me be seen in a new light. For the highest good of all concerned. So mote it be. Blessed Be’

You can also help the process along by leaving little notes to yourself reminding yourself of your natural beauty about the house.  Put a ‘post-it note’ on your computer screen or fridge which says good things about you, such as, ‘good morning beautiful’ ‘my body is just perfect as it is‘ or ‘my eyes are my best feature’. You should quickly notice a difference in how you feel about yourself within a few days.  These little reminders will have the effect of keeping the positive energy field around you well-fuelled. And in turn this will gradually have an impact on your unconscious mind helping you move towards building a more healthy self-image of yourself.

Angel Message: Positive Expectations

Angel Message From Your Angels

This is today’s angel message for you: “Keep up your hopes, dreams, affirmations, visualizations, and prayers, as they will be wonderfully manifested very soon. Do not give up five minutes right before the miracle occurs!”

“You have planted the seeds of manifestation with your positive thoughts and emotions. Yet, you may be discouraged occasionally because you are not seeing immediate results. You start to have pessimistic thoughts and wonder whether your faith is unjustified. The Angels urge you to hold on to your faith, though! Although your manifestation is taking longer than you had hoped, it is coming to you. You certainly do not want to cancel or cloud your manifestation with miscreation’s that come from negative thoughts.

At your earliest convenience, go outside in nature – even a backyard or small park will do. Send a silent message to your ‘Angels’ they are always listening. And they are skilled experts at manifestation! Tell them about your doubts, fears, and disappointments, as well as your hopes and dreams. Ask the ‘Angels’ to help you release any negativity you may have, and feel them surround you with their beautiful healing love and light. They will respond to your dearest wish….just be patient a little while longer.

I am safe, confident, and secure. I feel joyful about my future.”