simply the bestOften when people are looking for a psychic reading online, they will type into Google. ‘best psychic UK’ and then trawl through the search results.

But does this mean by searching in this way that they will find the ‘best psychic in the UK’?


What they will find in the top search results for best psychic UK, is a list of psychic companies who have paid SEO experts to get their website to the first page for the search term, ‘best psychic UK’.

But it does not necessarily mean that the companies who can afford to splash the cash on manipulating search engine results are offering the best online psychic readings.

Only by careful research and checking out the experience of the psychic reader and genuine testimonials can you be sure of finding an ethical, caring and genuine psychic reader.

And on this latter point, I am professional, psychic reader with over 30 years experience in the psychic world. Over the years, I’ve read for thousands of clients, in the UK and throughout the world. I’m also a published psychic writer and I’ve taught classes in how to read tarot cards throughout my home county of Lancashire. If you choose me to be your psychic, you can be assured that you are in the hands of someone who truly knows what they are doing and to whom clients return time and time again. My work mainly comes to me from repeat clients and word of mouth. I’m a constant presence on the internet, unlike some of the big psychic companies who come and go, and set up new companies under new names, to avoid creditors when their business has belly flopped!

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