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Is a Tarot Card Reading the Same as a Psychic Reading?

tarot readingsMany people are confused as to what  the difference is between a tarot reading and a psychic tarot reading.

They may think they are really one and the same.

This is not actually the case.

There is a world of difference.

If you have your cards read by a beginning tarot reader then you are quite likely to receive just a ‘tarot reading’. This would be the reader relating to you just the basic traditional meaning of the tarot cards as if learned off by heart from a book . There is no real intuition or psychic ability involved.

You can also find this type of reading on automated free tarot reading software online. Whilst it may be fun to do for a few minutes, this will not give you much insight or accuracy into your future.

Nor is it helpful if you have problems or would like some accurate insight into a future path you are considering taking.

A psychic tarot reading such as I carry out in email readings is not all the same. You will be consulting with an experienced reader who has spent many years honing her psychic skills and using her natural intution (sixth sense) to intrepret the correct meanings of a tarot card or a group of cards.  You see all tarot cards are multi-layered in meanings and it’s important that the right meaning is assigned for the particular person who is having the reading. The same card will not have the same meaning to another person!

Also when I read the cards, I also read them clairvoyantly, the tarot cards images stimulate my intution and bring out various ideas and psychic flashes which add further insight to the reading.

So do make your choice of reader carefully if you don’t want to waste your time or money!


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Astrology: Love Predictions for 2015

Did  you know that astrologically your chances of attracting  new love are higher at certain times of they year? This is dependent on when Venus (known as the planet of love) is in your own zodiac sign, or in your seventh house (the house of marriage and partnerships). venus

From now until the end of 2015 these are the best time to find love:

  • Aries: Early March, June to early September, November
  • Taurus: Late March/early April, October, December
  • Gemini: Late April, November
  • Cancer:  May, December
  • Leo:  January, June to early September
  • Virgo: February, October
  • Libra:  January, early March, November
  • Scorpio:  February, late March
  • Sagittarius:  Early March
  • Capricorn:  Late March/early April, May
  • Aquarius:  January, April, June to early September
  • Pisces: February, May


Will you find love in 2015? Find out who, when, where, with my  popular mini soul mate reading by email reading

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Learn to read tarot cards: Tips from a professional tarot reader

tarot mirrorLearning how to read tarot cards is an on-going process. If you lived a hundred life times you would probably still be uncovering new ways to view them and continue to discover new meanings for each card. I’ve been reading tarot cards professionally for over 30 years, and I’m still amazed by how a piece of coloured card can speak to you so clearly, directly and truthfully. There are a multitude of books and articles online about the subject, and I can only recommend that you let your intuition be your guide to which you choose to help you on your journey to learning tarot. I will be sharing a weekly tip with you on the craft of tarot reading by drawing on my many years experience of working daily in live readings with the cards. This week’s tip is: “Often the messages the tarot gives can be a little at odds with what we believe to be true. But it never lies. Why would it? The tarot is like a mirror it can only reflect the truth in our lives,  whether we are prepared to accept it or not.” Bear this in mind, should you be reading for yourself or someone else, and you find yourself trying to resist what the tarot is truly trying to say to you.

With my help you can learn to read tarot cards.

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Tea Omens

tea cupWe Brits love our cuppa. I can’t get started in the mornings without drinking two cups first, and after that it’s probably one every hour!

So I was interested to read in one of my old fortune telling books, that there are various superstitions associated with our daily cuppa.

Here they are:

Dried tea-leaves from a used pot, were once scattered outside of a home, to protect it from harm and evil spirits.

It’s thought unlucky to stir with anything but a spoon, and to stir someone else’s tea with a spoon is said to stir trouble for them.

If the tea you make is unexpectedly weak, it means a friendship you hold dear is weakening. If it is unusually strong, a friendship is growing strong.

If you spill tea whilst making a cup, it forecast luck for the woman of the house

A single floating tea-leaf forecast a stranger would soon be at the door.

To inadvertently place two spoons in a saucer is a sign of marriage for the person using the saucer or twins to be born within the family. tea bubbles

I also have one tea omen that my dear old Gran passed to me, ‘if your cup of tea is bubbly’ ….money is coming your way, the more bubbles the more money. Lovely!

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