Angelscope Reading – Celestial Messages For You

This is a unique ‘angel email reading’ that looks six months ahead. It can be started at any month of the year.

I highly recommend this lovely reading which is  ‘uplifting in nature’  if you have been feeling a bit down, or experiencing a loss of direction in your life and you need a gentle reading to bring you both comfort and hope.

It will give you a heavenly “heads up” as to coming events and challenges. It’s like your personal “little book of life”, your peek into the future, or a road map.

With each reading, I meditate and ask your Guardian Angels to guide me to choose the right card for you for a particular month. The angels love nothing more than to inspire you with their heavenly wisdom.

In addition to an ‘angel card’ to represent each month, the reading also includes one ‘angel card’ to give a general overview of the next six months. Also working with numerology, I will also let you know ‘who your personal Guardian Angel’ – your celestial guide in life.

Plus you will also receive a photograph of the cards chosen especially for you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have access to this spiritual insight about yourself and your life?

Ready to order? Your personal spiritual angel reading is on ‘special offer’ for a short time and  only costs £35. Hurry click the link below now to order.

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